11 Vlog Ideas to grow on YouTube

Vlogging is a form of content that has garnered immense popularity on YouTube. Well, it actually blew up because of YouTube. A lot of creators and influencers have turned into part-time, or even full-time vloggers in some cases. 

In case you’re wondering what this term is repeatedly used is; “vlog” actually means, just break it down into two parts- ‘v’ and ‘log’. V stands for video and log stands for the blog. So vlogs are nothing but video blogs. You’ll come across one for each category online; just name it!!

“Fashion?” Yes.

“Education?” Yes.

“Lifestyle?” Yes.

“Travel?” Again, a big yes.

Now you cannot start making vlogs with just your front camera on. You’ve got to have some solid things figured out first, like location, lighting, whether any props are to be used, which software to use as your YouTube video editor or whether to hire a professional for the purpose, and more stuff like this. And to figure all of this out, you need to have a clear idea in your mind; the subject around which you would make your vlog. 

But you need not worry much about the ideation part; here’s a bucket of ideas you can choose from the ones that suit you and your niche:

  • Tutorials 

You would have looked up YouTube to know how to use/fix the latest gadget you bought, haven’t you? We also watch makeup tutorials to become our own makeup artists. Then there are cooking tutorials that give us new mouth-watering recipes. Accept it or not, some of us have even watched tutorials to finish GTA missions! 

  • A Day in my Life

Such vlogs are like open diaries that vloggers make with the intent of giving their audience a sneak peek into their lives. You might have come across your favorite YouTubers posting such videos on their channel. These kinds of videos only do well when you are totally candid and natural and don’t force yourself into a routine just to look good. Before uploading, these videos need to be compiled through the YouTube video editor.

  • Reviews

An honest opinion is what people hope to find on YouTube before buying a gadget or a movie ticket. Game reviews, movie reviews, and product reviews are the most popularly searched ones on YouTube. If any of these fits your niche and is your expertise, what’s stopping you??!!

  • Fun Challenges

You’ll come across the Finish food in 30 mins challenge, 1000 squats challenge, plank hold challenge, 1-day without electricity challenge, and many more challenges while surfing YouTube. If your content is related to education, the challenge could be about solving a problem. If you’re making funny content, you can pull off so much weird stuff. And the audience will only applaud and enjoy! 

  • Behind the scenes/ Bloopers

Sharing the making of the video reflects the efforts put into it and the audience actually values it a lot. If the bloopers are “I just burst into laughter” or “ROFL” level funny, they might just become content for other creators and you’ll get famous quicker than you imagined. Make sure you have a YouTube video editor keeping a record of both the good and bad parts of your videos.

  • Sketches

Storytelling is another fun way to deliver content. If you’re an educator, you can experiment with this kind of content. Simply giving out information or knowledge would make it boring for the listener and would tempt him/her to dislike your video. So it’s important you bring something fresh to the palette. 

If finance is your subject expertise, you can prepare a comical sketch around topics that you think would do well. If you’re a creative writer, you can pen down dozens of entertaining scripts. Few brands and individual creators are already nailing this and gaining the likes and love of millions of viewers. All you need is a good idea to be complemented by good actors and a YouTube video editor.

  • Busting Myths & Stereotypes

Suppose you’re a psychologist, so you can talk of taboos around mental health. This would obviously make more sense if you choose to do it for a field you specialise in. This way, you’re going to disseminate loads of misinformation about your profession to those potentially in pursuit of it. All you’ve got to do is put in your own research and put the facts straight out there. 

  • Motivational 

You can record it as a podcast where you can talk about life, lifestyle, career, goals, and ample topics. 

  • Q & A

It’s natural for viewers to be intrigued regarding whatever they watch on your channel or outside the channel. This is the best way to strengthen your connection with your audience. Let them ask about you, and know you better, so they feel they’re following an actual person and not some content making a robot. 

  • Tour videos

Give your subscribers a tour of your home/your workplace. Or you can record a vlog when you’re on an actual trip, perhaps hiking in the mountains, or lying on the shore of a beach. 

Making vlogs is a piece of cake if you’ve got a creative mind, control over the butterflies in your stomach, a good quality camera, and a pro-YouTube video editor. Imagine, if what you’re reading now would have been a <5minutes video, instead of a 1000-word article, wouldn’t you have liked it better?

Ok, now please don’t say yes and hurt the sentiments of the writer. He’s camera shy, but you don’t seem so. He’s merely a viewer on YouTube, but you’re a creator, which is probably why you read this whole thing in the first place. 

You already know your superpower- video creation. Now pick your idea, trust your instinct, hold your camera, and start shooting your first vlog, or second, or third. Just don’t stop once you start! Time to show your creative original self to the world!!

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