3 Reasons Why Puppies Eat Mud and 4 Ways to Prevent it!

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What if your little prankster pup managed to devour that pebble or mud in your garden or got their mouth into your garden trash can and swallowed discarded weeds or ceramic pieces in a moment that you were away? Irrespective of the item your furry pal gulped down their throat, you need to know which ones are edible or safe, because your pet pup could have just rang in a pet emergency bell.

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While you may be considering health cover for your pet, we give you possible answers on why pups are motivated to eat mud and some ways to resolve the issue.

Why do puppies eat mud?

Dogs consuming dirt/mud can be caused by a medical condition termed “Geophagia.” There can be one of the three reasons your pup is taking to such behavior.

1.Behavioral issues

When boredom catches upon your pet pup, they may engage in undesirable activities like cramming plastics, dirt, and other nonedible things down their throat. Lack of physical activity, new experiences, playtime, companionship, separation anxiety, and stress are probable reasons your fur baby may get into unfriendly habits.

2.Nutritional issues

Monitor the food items that are fed to your pup. Not all food products contain balanced nutrition. It is best to seek your vet’s help to understand what needs to be given to your puppy at mealtimes, meal portions, nutritional supplements, etc.

Specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies like sodium, calcium, and iron may cause an urge in pups to chew mud to compensate for the malnutrition.

Undernutrition can be another important reason why a pup takes to eating inedible things it comes across. Check if you are providing enough for your fur baby at every meal, so they don’t look for alternate sources to feed on that could well prove harmful to their wellbeing.

3.Health issues

Some health conditions may make your pup crave mud. For instance, a puppy suffering from “Anemia” due to hookworms or flea/tick infection or weak immune system, bleeding problems, or cancer may lack iron content in the body and take to eating mud. Gastritis and Liver Shunt conditions can also elicit the same response from a pup.

How to prevent puppies from eating mud?

1.Correct diet

Your pup needs to be fed good quality, nourishing, balanced, and healthy food. Consult your vet and get a diet chart for your puppy; follow the vet’s instructions on meal size and gaps.

2.Monitor walks

Please supervise your pet pup, so they don’t go haywire and munch on harmful stuff in the surroundings. You may have a treat or two in your pocket so your puppy can have them when hungry, which usually happens on long strolls. So, carry a water bottle and a few Dog Treats.

3.Preventive medications

Talk to your vet about preventive medications for flea/tick issues. Having your pup protected is one way to counter the potential adverse effects just in case they swallowed parasites along with mud.

4.Physical and mental exercise

Enrich your pup’s life by providing interactive toys and ample physical exercise. Reduced anxiety levels can improve positive behavior.

Along with these measures, you can always have a medical backup in pet insurance for Total K9 protection dog trainers. Have a cheap pet insurance policy that can reduce your economic burden through uncalled-for pet injuries and accidents.