3 Reasons Why You May Need An Estate Lawyer

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Planning for and investing in the future that you aren’t a part of isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone. However, taking the time to prepare your estate for your family in case of an unfortunate event, should be your priority. This is exactly when an estate lawyer and litigation come into play. Contrary to what most people think, an estate lawyer isn’t just for the uber-rich, and anyone can avail of their services.

A good estate lawyer brings you the peace of mind you need when you are planning for a future for your family, in which you no longer foresee yourself. An estate lawyer is likely to help you in matters of asset protection, preparing wills, creating trusts, handling disputes, and even navigating legal issues for the elderly and the minors of your family.

Given below are three reasons why you may need an estate lawyer:

1. To protect all your beneficiaries

An estate plan designed with the help of an estate lawyer is possibly the best way to protect all your beneficiaries and dependents after you are long gone. By clearly mentioning in your will what parts of your estate belong to which family member, not only would you be granting them financial security, but also giving them the mental peace they need in your absence. Your estate plan would typically include details of your will, trusts, guardianship nomination, medical directives, and power of attorney to protect your beneficiaries.

2. To prevent family disputes

Family disputes usually occur after a breadwinning member of the family passes on, and the remaining members are seen squabbling over who gets what. Not only is a dispute in the family undignified and embarrassing, but it is also unnecessary. Family disputes are more prevalent in families that are unconventional or involve multiple exes and children from different parents. By planning your estate during your life, you can ensure that your family members do not indulge in any ugly instances of estate litigation.

3. To care for family members with special needs

You may likely have a family member or a child that has special needs and is being benefited from public programs already. However, if you include that member or child in your will, they are likely to lose free access to government programs inherently. To navigate this issue, you need the services of an estate lawyer that would help you understand and set up a specific type of trust that can ensure that your loved one receives a share of your inheritance while also not giving up government benefits.


The above-mentioned four reasons are the most common ones that summarize the need for an estate lawyer. When it comes to the well-being of your family, you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned and ensure that they live a smooth life even in your absence. When the time comes for you to part ways with this world, your family should only be burdened with grieving your loss and not with having to seek legal help in financial matters.