3 ways a locksmith can improve the security of your windows

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Locksmiths do not only base their work on doors and garages, they develop in different subgenres that can go from the application of commercial grilles to the attention of all types of existing locks, this includes windows, safes, lockable drawers, among others. 

So if you don’t feel that your home is having enough security methods to keep you safe or if there are any extra ones to apply that you think are really fundamental, such as protection to your windows, you should call a locksmith to help you with it and not spend your sleepless nights thinking that you are insecure or breaking your back applying different types of improvised barricades with the intention of avoiding a burglary.

Today we are going to leave you with three residential locksmith services that you can ask them to apply in your home or that could give you an idea of the multiple options you have.

Hinge reinforcements

Hinges are very easy to break, disassemble, unscrew or remove when they are rusty or have been on for more than two years. And why do they rust so fast? Well, you understand that their job is to keep the window tight where it should go, and it keeps moisture out of your home, so it becomes saturated with the change of weather and starts to work less and less. It does a noble job even if we don’t consider it.

There are some hinges that are weaker than others, so it’s your job to make sure a locksmith advises you on which ones are best for your type of window.

Locks on windows

Many windows only have a measure of traction that prevents them from opening and closing due to the weather, but by human touch it is not very complicated to open them. This can be really counterproductive if they are located in lower parts of the house and also do not have bars or anything to prevent a burglar from breaking in when you are not there. 

There are multiple types of window locks that you can implement depending on the type you have, and you can even have smart locks installed to match the operation of your home’s main lock.

Keyed handles

Want something more discreet for the outside, aesthetically pleasing, and that won’t give you any security issues? Keyed handles could be your ideal option, you open the door easily and make sure that no one forces the handle to get in by passing the key every time it’s your turn to go out.

To have better security in home there are a lot of options, it is up to us to choose what we want and with which profession we want it to be done.