3 ways to find the right custom labels for your products

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Great packaging can make or break your product. This study shows that 7 out of 10 customers state that their purchase decisions are influenced by packaging design. So finding the perfect product label is actually an important business decision.

But there are many different types of labels. It can be hard to decide which is right for your business, brand, and products. What do you need to look out for? What are your options?

We are here to share four tips on finding the right custom sticker sheets for you. Read on to find out.

1. Consider your target audience

Your target audience is extremely significant. Think about the values your brand stands for. Your target audience identifies with these beliefs, which is why they should be mirrored in your packaging design.

The beauty of going with a custom sticker maker is that you are in control of all the factors that make your labels, from the material to the shape and size.

Do you want to appeal to an eco-conscious audience? Then a biodegradable paper label with a minimalist design is ideal. Maybe you want your product to appeal to young professionals in the tech industry? A metallic label with a bold font sounds perfect for that.

2. Choose a design that reflects your brand

The same applies to your design. A successful design reflects your brand and its values. At the same time, it is unique, so that customers will remember your products.

This can sound like an intimidating task, especially if you do not have any design experience. But there is help available. Most product label printers offer free online design tools. There, you can browse pre-designed elements and templates and edit them to create your own custom labels.

3. Make sure the text is easy to read

This one might sound obvious, but we see this going wrong all the time. When designing your labels, keep in mind that your text needs to be legible. After all, even the best label will not be of any use if no one can read it.

So how can you make sure that your labels will print perfectly? There are two ways to ensure that:

  • Every single letter should be at least 1.2 mm high. Depending on the font you use, this roughly translates into 8 pt.
  • View your design at scale. That means look at your design at its actual size. This will give you a good indication of what it will look like printed.

When you are next ordering custom labels for your products, keep our tips in mind to create the best possible end result. Do you have even more tips you would like to share? Then please leave them in the comments below.