5 Reasons To Use Vitamin C For Your Skin

Vitamin C is not only a powerful antioxidant that boosts your immunity, but also a wonder ingredient for your skin. Whether you consume it through fruits and vegetables, or apply it topically through serums and creams, vitamin C can benefit your skin in many ways. Here are five reasons why you should use vitamin C for your skin:

1. It brightens your complexion

Vitamin C can help fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for melanin production. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin colour, but too much of it can cause discoloration and dullness. Vitamin C also helps boost the production of glutathione, a natural antioxidant that lightens the skin.

2. It stimulates collagen synthesis

Collagen is the protein that gives your skin structure, elasticity, and firmness. As you age, your collagen levels decline, leading to sagging, wrinkling, and loss of volume. Vitamin C can stimulate the synthesis of collagen by activating the fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen in your skin3. Vitamin C also stabilises and protects collagen from degradation by free radicals.

3. It fights signs of ageing

Vitamin C can help prevent and reverse the signs of ageing by neutralising free radicals, which are unstable molecules that damage your skin cells and cause oxidative stress. Free radicals are generated by exposure to UV rays, pollution, smoking, and other environmental factors. Vitamin C can scavenge these free radicals and reduce their harmful effects on your skin. Vitamin C also helps reduce inflammation, which can contribute to ageing.

4. It enhances sun protection

Vitamin C can enhance the efficacy of sunscreen by boosting its ability to shield your skin from UV rays. Sunscreen works by absorbing or reflecting UV rays, but some of them still penetrate your skin and cause damage. Vitamin C can help repair this damage by reducing the formation of sunburn cells and DNA mutations. Vitamin C also helps prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin caused by UV exposure.

5. It hydrates your skin

Vitamin C can help improve your skin’s hydration by increasing the production of hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizer that attracts and retains water in your skin. Hyaluronic acid also helps plump up your skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also helps strengthen your skin’s barrier function, which prevents water loss and keeps your skin hydrated.

How to use vitamin C for your skin

You can use Vitamin C Daily Glow Booster Combo by Dot and Key. This combo contains four products that are enriched with three types of vitamin C from natural sources such as kakadu plum, acerola cherry, and blood orange. These products are:

  • Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash: Sulphate-free, daily face wash with triple vitamin C for clean, even-toned & glowing skin.
  • 10% Vitamin C+E Serum: Lightweight serum with 5% Niacinamide to treat dullness, dark spots & pigmentation.
  • Vitamin C+E Moisturizer: Non-comedogenic face cream with Sicilian Blood Orange for moisturised, glowing skin.
  • Vitamin C+E Sunscreen: 2-in-1 glow + protect SPF 50 sunscreen for even-toned, glowing & protected skin every day.

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Vitamin C is a versatile and potent ingredient that can transform your skin in multiple ways. It can brighten, firm, smooth, hydrate, and protect your skin from various factors that cause aging and damage. To get the best results from vitamin C, you need to use a high-quality product that delivers stable and effective forms of vitamin C to your skin. The Vitamin C Daily Glow Booster Combo by Dot & Key has such products that you can try on Smytten today.

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