5 Things you Probably Didn’t Know About Electric Motorcycles

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When electric motorcycles first emerged, the big bike die-hard enthusiasts laughed when the topic was brought up in conversation, yet as things progressed, it became obvious to all that the e-bike was here to stay.

Here are a few things about electric bikes that you probably didn’t know.

  1. There are no gears – You instinctively go to shift gear with your left foot when you ride any motorbike, yet you won’t find the shift peg because there are no gears. This means you have much more torque and riding is easier with no clutch control or gear shifting. It does take a bit of getting used to but after a while, it is second nature to twist and go! Check out the stunning Zero electric bikes from Wheels Motorcycles and book a test ride on your chosen model.
  2. Silent riding experience – It might sound obvious that an e-bike will run silently, yet when you jump on the bike, you expect to hear the roar of the engine when you open the throttle; all you actually hear is the wind whistling past your helmet, plus a slight whining sound from the bike’s running gear.
  3. They are cheaper to run than traditional motorcycles – An e-bike does not require much in the way of servicing, as there are fewer moving parts and there is no engine to maintain. Of course, the price of an e-bike is going to be high when they first arrive at the dealer’s forecourt, but the price will drop fairly quickly, as production ramps up and battery technology improves. The maintenance cost much less and when you work out your mileage costs, electricity is cheaper than petrol. Click here for limousine hire information.
  4. E-bikes are fast – Don’t think for a second that an e-bike is slower than your regular internal combustion engine bike; indeed, electric bikes are designed to accelerate fast, as there are no gear changes, so you reach a high speed in a shorter time. When measured on a standing start, the e-bike wins every time, thanks to the extra torque and fast motor response. You can top 100 mph and with 70hp on the back wheel, the e-bike is a powerhouse that is not lacking in acceleration. Of course, there are various sizes and styles of e-bike and you can browse a fine selection online when you find a leading UK dealership.
  5. E-bikes are heavy – The one downside to electric motorcycles is the weight of the battery packs and despite a lot of research and development, a lighter alternative has yet to be found. In some ways, the extra weight is compensated by not having a heavy engine block and the weight also keeps the bike stable at high speeds.

The UK government fully supports electric vehicles and there are financial incentives to make the switch to EVs. If you are an eco-friendly person who wants to be part of the solution, not the problem, make sure that your next bike is an electric model.