Advertising As Communication

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Everyone is bombarded by advertisements in their daily life. But few people are aware of the pervasive influence of these messages. Though they are manipulated by advertising, they are often unaware of their persuasion and manipulation techniques. This article explores the role of advertising in the modern world and how it affects us. It will also explore the role of the media in shaping our lives. The power of advertisements to influence our purchasing habits is well documented.

Exposure to advertising messages

The process of advertising is defined as a process that produces communication effects and behaviors. It begins with the exposure of prospective buyers to advertising messages via media and requires them to process certain elements in a targeted manner. The effects of this process are related to the brand itself and may result in specific behavioral outcomes, such as the purchase of a brand. In the context of marketing, the term “brand” is used broadly. Hence, advertising is a form of communication, with its own set of goals and consequences.

The firm advertisement

The relationship between advertising and communication is primarily based on message development. Before a firm can begin an advertising campaign, it must have an objective. It must establish a message that reaches a target audience. Some of these objectives can be: to increase the customer base, to improve customer attitudes, to increase revenue, or to generate clients. In essence, advertising is about influencing behavior, but it is a process of communication.


In the early days, advertising was conducted through word of mouth. However, with the development of printing technology, the medium was transformed into a mass-media medium. In the fifteenth century, the first weekly newspapers in London carried advertisements. During this period, advertising became a huge industry. The use of advertisements has grown exponentially, and today, digital technology is used in most forms of advertising. For example, the internet is used to distribute information.

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Advertisements in weekly newspapers

The traditional media used for advertising was a combination of newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. The 17th century saw the development of the printing press. By the end of that century, advertisements were published in weekly newspapers. In the nineteenth century, advertising was an established practice. Its development has lasted ever since. This type of communication is based on the fact that it involves both the source and the receiver. For example, when a person reads a newspaper, they may be aware of the advertisement.


While advertising is a form of communication, it is a unique medium. The various media used in advertising have different effects on the consumer. For example, it is used to influence brand attitude and make people buy a product. The use of media in this way is widely accepted as a form of advertisement. And, unlike traditional media, advertising is a dynamic process. It can influence a person in a number of ways, but the main objective is to convey a message.

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