6 Spring Colour Combination to Renovate your Exteriors

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Now that the long winter is finally behind us, it’s time to start thinking about ways to renovate your home’s exterior. While a complete overhaul may be a little out of your budget, there are a few simple changes you can make to brighten up your house and increase its curb appeal. From painting your front door a new colour to adding some new landscaping, these six colour ideas will have your home looking fresh for spring.

1. Blue and white

Create a classy exterior look with fresh blue and white colour combinations. These shades can remind you of the elegant greek islands of Santorini and yes, they have a mild ocean vibe. They can be perfect for your home’s spring renovation. The white colour stands out perfectly in the fresh greenery and blue is the perfect relaxing tone to complement it with. One way to do it is to paint the walls white and use blue for doors and windows.

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2. Yellow is back

After winter, we all are looking for the colours of the sun and yellow is the best match. Yellow is the perfect cheerful colour to show spring and fill the air with positivity. If you want a quick renovation, you can simply paint your doors and windows yellow. You can also paint all your exteriors with this colour and add white or pink as accents.

3. Sky blue

Blue is a serene and peaceful colour to represent the skies and the ocean. Use this calming colour for your exteriors and reflect the fresh air of springs. Sky blue is quite a versatile shade that can be used in every season. For your spring renovation, you can pair it up with indigo or a darker shade that pops out in contrast. Hang up some fresh vines to create a classy colonial look.

4. Coral Pink

Pink is often underestimated as a strong colour but it is truly a marvellous shade, especially for spring. Try coral pink to get a quaint and traditional look. Pair the colour with white, green, or red to create the perfect spring effect.

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5. Lilac

Light shades of purple can have the most relaxing effect. Hence, they can be perfect to complement the energy of spring. Try lilac in a pastel tone to get a unique look for your exteriors. Use the colour white or grey to create a minimalist but drawing look. Adding fresh greens to your curb will further enhance the effect of this lovely colour.

6. Crisp White with bold accents

White is always the safest option but for the spring look, you can get some bold accents. Paint your house entirely white but add red or blue for the doors and windows and you will notice the effect. White is a wonderful shade that can help highlight the small details of your house. Whether you are trying to get a minimal or royal look, white or even a light grey can bring out wonders.

Spring is already here! So, what are you waiting for? Try these brilliant shades and get renovating your exteriors now.