7 Considerations Before Starting a Balcony Construction in Wakefield, PA

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Colonial design and architecture define Wakefield Pennsylvania. The city is home to effortless residential outdoor space in the form of balconies and elevated decks. Thinking of adding a balcony to your humble abode? Look no further for our top seven considerations before starting a balcony construction project in Wakefield, PA.

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1) Safety

Of course, when thinking about an elevated deck or balcony, it’s imperative that you consider safety. Knowing the code for guardrails and structural integrity are super important before you dive into your do-it-yourself balcony build. Also understand the safety measures necessary to complete the project on your own. You will need to be comfortable working on a ladder, and drilling into your home’s joist, which if done improperly can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

2) Logistics

Who can blame you for wanting to add an outdoor balcony? Think about your morning cup of coffee or a nice, frosted beverage in the evening while you enjoy the views of Wakefield. But it’s important that you understand the logistics of a major construction project like adding a balcony. The average balcony addition costs upwards of $8,000. It also requires skill in the form of precise measuring, cutting, and concrete work.

3) Obtain permits

Each municipality has varying rules and regulations regarding permits for balcony additions. Be sure before you begin your project that you obtain the proper permits and permissions. The small fee associated with getting your permit is well worth it. If you are found to not have a permit, they have rights to force you to remove your new balcony.

4) Entry and connection

Before you start designing your new balcony, it’s a good idea to think about where you want to enter the space from your home, and how it will connect to the exterior of your home. Do you have a window in mind that can easily be transformed into a doorway? Do you want the balcony off the master bedroom? Off your loft? These are all questions you will want to answer before you start construction.

5) Aesthetic and design

Arguably the most fun part of planning your balcony construction project is deciding how you want your balcony to look. What kind of aesthetic do you want? How do you want the design? Be sure to think about the architectural style of your home. Look online for inspiration and create a mood board so you can get the vibe just right when selecting materials.

6) Add a garden

Think about adding a garden on your balcony for added wow-factor. Use planters, pots, or a vertical garden to get the most out of your space.

7) Recruit some helping hands

Building a balcony is no easy feat, so recruiting some helping hands is always a good idea. Ask a friend or neighbor to help make the project go more smoothly. You’ll be enjoying the views from your new balcony in no time.