7 Ways Health Care Team Training Benefits Patients

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Regardless of your profession, the level of your training is not something that affects just you. It affects the quality of service that your clients receive, the value that your employer gets for keeping you on retainer, as well as a number of other factors. Now, in the healthcare industry, things are even more complex. This may determine the outcome of a potentially life-threatening situation.

Now, it’s clear how higher employability, better salary, and more confidence would stem from one’s continuous medical training. However, let’s see what kind of benefits may the patient come to reap.

1. Better Reaction Time

A person who knows exactly what to do in a given situation is unlikely to hesitate. This is not just about confidence but also about knowing the exact sequence of actions that leads to the optimal treatment process. Naturally, this kind of efficiency requires countless hours of training. It’s about allowing your instincts and muscle memory to kick in.

Now, the way in which this benefits patients is quite obvious – it saves lives and prevents permanent damage. The sooner you react to stop the bleeding, the less the patient is likely to bleed out. The sooner you start with CPR, the less likely it is that there will be permanent brain damage. All in all, the difference is massive.

2. Better Patient Education

Unless they’re in a hospital, you won’t be able to care for a patient 24/7. Even if you’re making daily trips and visits to their place, there’s only so much you can do. The truth is that in a lot of scenarios, you depend on their ability to take care of themselves. Now, one of the roles of a healthcare specialist in this particular scenario is to educate them on this subject matter.

Simply put, a specialist who has undergone extensive PALS training and earned their certification will be far more effective at this. Now, with the help of better patient education, you can significantly improve the quality of life of your patients, which is the main goal of anyone in healthcare.

3. Better Performance

With the help of healthcare training, there are so many improvements in the overall performance. For instance, performance in basic clinical tasks will significantly improve, while even teamwork performance may drastically grow.

There are so many ways to measure this performance but the key to keep in mind is that the likelihood of an error goes down substantially. Second, the length of stay in the unit will go down. This means that the capacity of any healthcare unit will increase. This benefits the healthcare institution in question both from the humanitarian perspective and its potential as a business. Overall, the efficiency and performance going up is definitely a good thing.

4. Lower Chance of Medical Error

Perhaps the most important entry on this list is the fact that there’s a lower chance of medical error with proper and continuous training. In fact, this chance is lower by 18%, which is a massive difference, seeing as how grave the consequences of a medical error in this field can be.

Keep in mind that in the medical field, an error can result in death, disability, lower quality of life, higher risks, and a potential lawsuit. In other words, it’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid it but there’s no doubt about the fact that the consequences are far more serious for the patient.

5. Patient Satisfaction

A trained professional like a travel nurse is more confident in their abilities, which is reflecting on more than just their performance. You see, patients are not just in pain, they are just as likely to be in distress. This means that a confident and knowledgeable (something we’ve discussed in the second section) healthcare provider can put their mind at ease.

Other than this, the results are better, the length of stay goes down, and there’s, overall, less inconvenience for the patient. They get better results and they get them faster. This results in better patient satisfaction. Now, the majority of patients are intertwined with their healthcare providers in the long run. This makes the trust-building process a bit quicker and more efficient.

6. The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Another thing worth considering is the Dunning-Kruger effect, which is a cognitive bias that determines your likelihood to overestimate your ability at a certain task.

You see, without any training on the subject matter, your confidence level is non-existent. The illusion of knowledge/preparedness starts immediately after you’ve started learning a certain task. This is when it reaches its pinnacle. Now, for health care teams, this moment would be just after the beginning of their training. Later on, nonetheless, when they progress a bit further in their education, they’ll realize when something is beyond them.

The direct benefit for the patient lies in the ability of the health care team to clearly say when they don’t know the topic well enough and direct them towards specialists. Speaking of which…

7. Networking

During the training phase, health care specialists are likely to meet a number of specialists in the field. They’re bound to hear about the most esteemed names in the field, as well as hear about the clinic or two that specializes in that particular issue. Now, the reason why this matter is because you may need it at a later date.

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Just because a course is on a narrow subject, this doesn’t mean that you won’t meet a plethora of people from the entire medical field. This means making valuable contacts that you can later consult in order to ask for assistance while treating your clients. It’s really as simple as that.

In Conclusion

In the end, it’s clear that self-improvement is always the way to go. Sure, medical experts need to study continuously in order to renew their license, however, even without it, the motivation is quite clear and all the arguments are more than obvious. The above-listed seven points are just the tip of the iceberg represented through the prism of a client.

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