A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing A Pharmacy For Medical Marijuanas In NSW

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If you are new to the club, you are probably wondering how do you procure medical marijuanas in NSW pharmacies?  For those just starting out, the process is a complete mind field, requiring guidance on what you are able to do revolving around healthcare professionals, going to chemists, and your treatments.

In this feature, we’re going to be looking at how the prescription process works from beginning to end. We’ll be giving you the full scoop, answering any questions you may be having about picking the right pharmacy to prescribe medical marijuanas in NSW.

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Frequently Asked Questions Around Using Medical Marijuanas in NSW Chemists

Can You Receive Cannabis Treatment From Multiple Doctors?

It is possible to have more than a single healthcare professional providing you with medical marijuanas in NSW. Although it is highly important that you stick to receiving the drug from one doctor, it is possible to get care from more than one doctor. It is suggested that you ask for advice prior to treatment from your regular GP, to guarantee you’re getting assistance from a healthcare expert you trust.

Every general practitioner should be able to can be able to prescribe you medical marijuanas in NSW, except if you are in Tasmania which only works in some clinics. Before you proceed, it’s essential to let your doctor be fully aware of your healthcare history and previous treatments.

In What Circumstances Can You Receive Assistance From Multiple Doctors?

It is not recommended for more than one healthcare professional prescribing medical marijuanas in NSW. This is because it is easy to get a mix-up on the correct dosage and treatment if you have multiple doctors providing advice. The only situation whereby you would be required to see more than one doctor is if you are interstate or traveling. In this case, there is an option to do appointments through telehealth. In order to get the prescription for those traveling interstate, it is best to go through clinics as they typically provide treatment.

If you are treated for a range of conditions, they typically see more than one specialist for medical marijuanas in NSW. For instance, one patient could be seeing a therapist using CBD for mental health treatment whereas a chronic pain specialist could prescribe THC for the discomfort. In this particular situation, it is necessary to get in contact with both professionals to ensure they prescribe the right dosage and treatment for your needs.

Are You Able To Get Your Own Copy Of The Prescription?

There are an array of particular circumstances that determines how you get a prescription for medical marijuanas in NSW. If you are seeing your doctor in person, then you are able to obtain the original prescription. This is then given to a chemist that then dispenses the drug. After it is dispensed, you are not allowed to have a copy of the prescription because of your schedule. For those who are receiving care through a telehealth service, they will provide a script to the chemist you are dispensing from.

How Your GP Chooses Which Pharmacy To Dispense Medical Marijuanas In NSW From?

Your doctor isn’t the only one who makes the final decision as to which pharmacy you can dispense medical marijuanas in NSW from. It is also up to you to let them know whereby you would like to receive treatment.

For those who are seeing their typical doctor, you will probably receive the drug at your local pharmacy. Some have specific chemists which you can get medical marijuanas in NSW from. If you are receiving treatment in a clinic, you will be able to get the treatment much quicker. A lot of these pharmacies have delivery options, where they can go straight to your home.

Before choosing a treatment, it is pivotal to compare costs between different pharmacies in order to help you save money. Another factor to consider is not every pharmacy would dispense cannabis, therefore you should check prior to choosing a specific pharmacy.