A Guide to Getting Rid of Rubbish from Your Property

Whether you’re planning a spring clean, a home renovation or clearing a deceased estate, you’ll need to get rid of a lot of unwanted or no longer needed items all at the same time. While you could struggle with endless trips to the tip or hire a skip bin, rubbish removal is by far the easiest way to dispose of large amounts of waste. Let’s take a closer look at when and why you might want to hire a rubbish removal service.

What is a Full Rubbish Removal Service?

Full rubbish removal services are a quick and convenient way to get rid of your rubbish. They generally consist of a team of workers with a truck. They drive to your location, load up with your rubbish and then dispose of it as responsibly as possible.

Rubbish removal services can save you time and effort over hiring a skip bin, plus as you don’t have to do any heavy lifting, it’s a much safer way to get rid of bulky or heavy items. If you are stuck for time, have a bad back or don’t have the space to accommodate a skip bin, a rubbish removal service will be your best option, plus you will also save time and effort organising skip bin drop off and collection.

When to Use a Rubbish Removal Service

There is no job too big or too small, you can call a Sydney local rubbish removal company for all types of rubbish disposal. Here are some of the most common scenarios where you can benefit from the quick and competent services of your local rubbish removal company:

  • Garden waste pickup
  • Furniture removal
  • Residential cleanout
  • Office cleanout
  • Construction rubbish removal
  • Deceased estate rubbish removal
  • Moving house
  • Mattress removal
  • Home renovation

How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost in Sydney?

It depends on what you want to dispose of. Most Sydney rubbish removal companies are very competitively priced and will provide you with a free quote based on what you need removing. Large. As you’d expect, bulky items that are difficult to dispose of will cost a little more than more easily disposable smaller items.

How to Choose the Best Rubbish Removal Company

There is no shortage of companies out there who advertise their services removing household and commercial rubbish. Here’s how to pick the best rubbish removal company in Sydney. For more information on hard rubbish collection check out WM Waste Management Services


While there are plenty of companies to choose from, you’ll want to look out for an experienced rubbish removal company. Companies who have been in the business for over 10 years are experts at efficiently removing rubbish and can offer competitive, more accurate prices, having disposed of virtually all different types of rubbish over the years.


Before you book your rubbish removal service, take a quick look at their reputation. Do they have a lot of positive reviews? Have any of your friends or family used this company? Were they satisfied with their service? Long established companies are also preferable, if they have been in business so long, they must be doing things right.

Quick Response Time

Local rubbish removal services are generally quick to respond, especially in large cities like Sydney. Some will even give you an almost instantaneous response vis email or text. Alternatively, make a quick phone call for any complicated requests or in-depth questions.

Same-Day Service

A lot of Sydney metropolitan rubbish removal services provide a same-day service. You contact them and they arrive within hours, quickly removing your unwanted items or debris. This can be a great way to get a real move on with your project.

Transparent Pricing

When you get a quote, don’t be afraid to question it. Your rubbish removal company should provide you with transparent pricing so you can easily tell what is what and how much you will be paying. Whenever possible, send your rubbish removal firm a picture of your rubbish, this will help them to more accurately price your job and enable them to better organise your removal.

What About Sydney Council’s Free Rubbish Pick-Up?

If you have a large, bulky item, you may be eligible to have it removed for free by the City of Sydney Free Pick-Up Service. You will need to be a local resident to use the service. Note that you can usually book a pick-up for in around a week’s time, so if you need to get rid of your rubbish sooner, you’d be better off calling a private rubbish removal service.


The council service does not remove rubbish from home renovation projects or business or commercial waste. The following items are not accepted and leaving them out for collection may result in a fine:

  • Rubbish bags and general household waste
  • Home renovation or building materials – doors, plasterboards, flooring, bricks, bathtubs, fencing, pipes etc.
  • Car parts, tyres and batteries
  • Extra heavy or extra large items weighing over 100kg or measuring over 1.5m long.
  • Chemicals – oils, paints, gas bottles, cleaning products, fire extinguishers, flammable liquids and fluorescent lights.
  • Mirrors and glass
  • Electric bike batteries, scooter and hoverboard batteries.

You will need to book your item removal in advance and leave it outdoors at the kerb the night before pick-up is scheduled.

If you just have one large bulky item to dispose of and you have plenty of time, you could save money with the pick-up service. However, if you have a lot of rubbish consisting of various individual items, are renovating or house clearing, then you will either need to dispose of it all yourself or call a professional rubbish removal service to do the job for you.


Make the right choice when hiring a rubbish removal company and choose ATR. With over 25 years of experience in the industry and a large number of satisfied, repeat customers, our service is second to none. We cover the entire Sydney metropolitan area and as we provide both rubbish removal truck services and skip bin hire, we are in a unique position to best advise you. Choose ATR for the most cost-effective and efficient rubbish removal in Sydney for both office and household rubbish.

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