Advantages and Disadvantages of Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

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Roofing tiles are thin flat slabs of fired clay used for roofing. They are made of galvanized metal and a granulated material bonded to the metal.

This article is going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of roofing tiles.

Before buying anything, you consider the advantages and disadvantages of the product. This article is going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of roofing tiles.

Advantages of roofing tiles

Below are some of the benefits;

Long life span

If installed correctly, these roofing tiles lasts a long time. The life span of this roof tile is 40 – 70 years. Its longer life span is a significant investment in developing long-term houses.


It can withstand heavy rain or hail and other adverse weather conditions. Although others consider it a heavy roofing material, it’s very light, weighing 50 to 150 pounds per square.

Low maintenance

Some roofing materials need to be checked regularly for maintenance. However, this roofing tile is almost non-maintenance because they have a thick protective cover to survive severe weather conditions, eliminating maintenance costs.

Beautiful and versatile

This product comes in different colors, which provide a beautiful scene. They also have a variety of textures, designs, and colors to suit any design. This makes even the owner feel good about their rooftop appearance.

Energy efficiency

Many people believe metal roofs transmit heat into the house. But metal reflects the sun from the house, making the cost of keeping the house cool low and protecting it from UV damage.


Below are some of the drawbacks:

Initial investment cost

Because these are close to zero maintenance, it can be expensive first to install them. But weighing how much you can spend at once and counting the maintenance cost after a certain period, you can choose for yourself.

Require insulated roof deck to reduce noise

Some materials, such as a solid insulated roof deck, are used as a sound barrier to the house during installation. They are installed between the roof and your home.

Requires expert installation

Although they are easy to install, you require an expert because if not installed correctly, it can cause leakage leading to damage to your house products.

Longer installation time

Stone coated roofing tiles require a much longer time to install. You should get a certified person to install the roof to avoid shady work.

There are also some other benefits of these roof tiles;

  • They are offered with an extensive warranty which is guaranteed to remain structural.
  • They are guaranteed to stay the same color as long as the products last.
  • They are tank water safe.
  • They are available in a massive range of profiles and colors.
  • The tiles are excellent sound insulators and can reduce noise by 30 decibels.
  • They are corrosion and rust-resistant, which is suitable for coastal environments.
  • They are durable and robust, which also gets stronger with age. They are ideal in areas prone to bushfires.
  • They are the most affordable roofing products.
  • They reflect heat away, reducing the need for artificial cooling products.
  • These products also have different prices, which helps one choose within your budget.


This article explains almost everything one needs to know about roof tiles’ advantages, disadvantages, and benefits. This can be of good help to someone who wants to install this roofing type.