Are granite kitchen countertops worth it?

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Every time someone is looking to build their own home or to do some kind of renovation on their home orrestaurant,the type of material needed for the kitchen counters boggles many people’s minds. Granite has recently increased in popularity to surpass other materials used for kitchen counters or tops.

What is a Kitchen top?

A kitchen top is one of the many different forms of countertops that are specifically designed to be used in and around the kitchen to prepare and organize food and food accessories while cooking. The kitchen top provides the people working therewith the space and ease to perform certain basic activities like cutting vegetables and even arranging the different cutlery available.

Various kitchen tops are made up of various materials depending on the owner’s choice. The most sought-after materials for kitchen tops include marble, granite, soapstone, and quartz. Granite stands out as the better of the stated materials. This article tries to back up the idea of why granite is the best material for making kitchen tops.


Granite tops can last for very many years after they have been constructed. This is contributed to the fact that granite is a very hard mineral next after Diamond. Its susceptibility to cracks during fitting and possible transportation makes granite kitchen tops very popular among many people. Other than it being able to resist cracks and scratches it can resist heat very well compared to other materials.

This makes it possible for oven-cooked food to be placed on the top and not ruin the material.

Aesthetic impression

The stylish nature of all the tops that are made of granite is quite appealing to the eye. This is very different compared to some other materials as it is not affected or simply infested with parasitic plants such as mildew and even the common mold in areas with high humidity. It is quite easy to maintain the cleanliness of these tops by justwiping the top with a clean cloth. For those who like to make an impression on their fellow friends furnishing your kitchen tops with granite will certainly not let you down. Due to this aesthetic property of granite, it is sarcastically referred to as the ‘gold of countertops.’

In addition to the aesthetic nature that comes with granite, kitchen tops that are made of granite allow the owners to be able to add any form of embroideriesthat they have a liking to as it can stylishly blend with anything.


Given the above attributes portrayed by granite, it is safe to say that you would be making quite a good purchase if you decide to use it for your kitchen tops and other surfaces around your house. Compared to its strongest competitor, granite is quite affordable to be used as a lone material in the manufacture of your kitchen top. Therefore, we can safely conclude that making kitchen tops off of granite material is surely worth it. For more, check