Attractive Straw Hat Variants for the Style-Conscious Modern-Day Women

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The straw gets marked as a utilitarian and stylish staple. It gets tightly interwoven into natural and synthetic straw materials and can provide excellent sun protection. This hat gets worn by both women and men and are available in multiple styles. The straw hats get worn in Europe and Asia since Middle Ages and it always provided the best style and sun protection. It is highly popular as straw is lightweight. Also, hats come with small openings that enable the cooling and ventilation during the summer months.

Can the straw hat protect you from the sun?

The straw hat offers sun protection based on the weave tightness and the hole size, which enables little sun rays to shine through. However, when you are shopping for this hat, it’s always ideal to hold it up against the light or sun, to check the amount of light it passes through. The straw hats that provide sun protection come with a UPF factor. And for greater protection, you can select a hat that has a UPF rating over 50.

Some of the best styles of straw hats include the following:

1. The boater straw hat

People have been sporting boater hats during warm weather since a long time. Also, there was a formal day where men used to shift from the winter hats to the summer boater hats, and it got celebrated as the “Straw Hat Day”. Also, being made using the firm straw, the boater hat comes with a different look that comes with a flat brim and crown. Today, the boater hat has become prominent amongst women and it has a distinct presence amidst the fashion and travel bloggers. You can find people sporting their straw boater hat all over on Instagram. And owing to its short brim, that always doesn’t do an excellent job protecting you from the sun, but still provides some security.

2. Panama straw hat

This hat is a favorite amongst vacationers. It’s known for their breathability and is easy to wear. Conventionally, the straw Panama hat gets made using the Toquilla straw. And similar to several straw hats, if the weave is tighter, the price automatically goes high. If you are going for a vacation, count on this hat at it comes with a classic style and correct sun protection. Hence, it’s not a surprise that this hat gained popularity when people saw President Roosevelt wearing this hat in 1906 during his visit to the Panama Canal. And all the images projected a stylish, confident and sporty man who was perfect for sporting this hat. Today, this hat is being worn by the new-age women.

3. Straw Fedora hat

Usually, people tend to confuse the Panama and the Fedora hats. Most people think that it is the same. In certain cases, these two hats do have a similarity. The Panama hats gets defined by the material with which they get made, which in most cases is the Toquilla straw. However, it is all about the shape when it comes to the Fedoras. The Panama hats gets made using straw, the Fedora hat uses other materials, like the felt. That aside, the Fedora hat comes with a pinched front, low crown and a relatively wider brim, that’s apt for sun protection. It also looks stylish.

Usually, when people conjecture about the Panama hats, they usually visualize a Panama hat made in Fedora style. But there are certain Panama hats that gets made in the boater shape. Hence, men’s straw hats can sometimes get called the Panama Fedora hat. However, if it was made using other materials, they wouldn’t be considered the Panama hat. But the straw Fedora complements both women and men and are the best choice for tourists as it is lightweight and offers sun protection.

4. The floppy beach straw hats

When the majority of people try to imagine a straw hat, eventually they think of the floppy beach straw hats that women usually wear. These hats come in wide brims, provide great sun protection, and are a perfect complement for a beach dress or cover-up. The hat brim can be 10 inches wide and protects the shoulder from the sun. These hats are available in various price ranges. Hence, it’s essential to focus on the UPF factor along with the hat’s tight weave. Also, you need to check for the sun protection. Today, you will come across several inexpensive floppy hat. But if you find it providing good sun protection you can opt-in for it. But make sure to stay away from cheap hat options.

These are some of the obvious choices for the straw hat for women. However, irrespective of the hat type that you choose, make sure that you get the correct size of the hat. That way, you can be sure of the fit and don’t have to face any discomfort because of the hat size issues.