Aviator mostbet game

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There is no question that  aviator mostbet is one of the most popular games available on this company’s website. As a clear indication of its popularity, a special place is reserved for the game in the main menu of the site. The purpose of this is to make the Aviator game more accessible to Uzbek users. Here, we will describe the features of  aviator mostbet in detail.

An overview of the Aviator Mostbet game’s essence and concept

In the game Aviator, you track the flight of a plane. During flight, the player has odds of 1.00 when betting. As the plane moves forward, the coefficient slowly goes up, making the potential gain bigger. As the plane flies farther, the player will get better achievements.

Even so, the flight of the plane doesn’t last forever. The round is over as soon as the plane flies off the playing field. If the player doesn’t cash out his winnings before the plane leaves, he loses his whole bet and everything he put on it. If he cashed out, his account would be credited with the amount of the bet multiplied by the odds at the time the round ended.

The game Aviator is a classic example of a game that is based on a random number generator if we ignore all the semantic parts. Before the system starts, every round is planned out. With Provably Fair technology, users can check at any time to see if a game is fair.

One flight of the plane is equal to one round, and each round lasts between a few seconds and a few minutes. There aren’t many breaks between rounds for betting. There are two ways to play the game: for real money and for free. At the top of the playing field, the customer can see how the last round went.

How to bet on Aviator at Mostbet bookmaker

To play Aviator sign up for an account on Mostbet or sign in if you already have one.Make sure you have enough money in your account before you place a bet. If you have to, put down a deposit.

Click Aviator in the main menu.Click the “Bet” button after putting in the amount of the bet. There can be one or two bets in each round.

When the plane gets to the coefficient you want, press the “Cashout” button. When the plane takes off, the “Cashout” button won’t work, so the player will lose their bet. The “Automatic” mode, which always bets the same amount, can also be turned on by the user.

Aviator Mostbet Uzbekistan game strategies

Almost every user wants to win so they can add to their starting capital. Because of this, a lot of Aviator UZ players look on the Internet for strategies that are sure to win.

 It’s important to say right away that there are no “ready-made” solutions like this. A random number generator can’t be predicted or controlled in any way.But if you use some strategies, you can play better with a certain amount at stake. Specifically:

A limited game with low odds:

Basically, the plan is to cash out the bet as soon as the plane reaches the lower coefficient that was set, instead of trying to make big gains. For example, 1.25 to 1.30. But there is still a chance that the round will end early, which would make winning less likely.

Expecting good odds:

Statistics show that every hour, a very high coefficient jumps (above 50.00). People who like this plan wait for the right time to act. Don’t forget that we use TSG features, which don’t care about statistics or templates. Each round is like a new way of doing things.

A classic way to gamble:

People often use betting strategies that are based on what happened in the last round. The Martingae strategy is the most clear and well-known example of this.


When you have some time to kill, Aviator mostbet is a fun game to play. During a flight, the odds are always 1.00, and as the plane moves forward, the coefficient goes up, so it’s always exciting to see how much you can win. So, if you want to play a fun game, you should try Aviator mostbet.