Bespoke Engagement Rings

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For an engagement ring that is as individual as the bride-to-be, designing it yourself can be the perfect solution. If you don’t find a style that you like, you can always design your own. You can do this yourself by visiting a jewellery shop that offers bespoke jewellery design services. The showroom exudes a plush atmosphere and the directors walk you through the design process step-by-step.

Carat 55

For the perfect Custom engagement rings Singapore for the love of your life, look no further than Carat 55. The boutique is home to an exquisite collection of bespoke engagement rings, from S$750 to S$2,500., who has over a decade of experience as a jewellery business advisor and event organizer, Carat 55 specializes in creating stunning yet affordable pieces for their millennial clients.

The showroom showcases some of the finest bespoke engagement rings available. The studio works with reputable diamond suppliers, including GIA-certified stones. The collection offers contemporary and classic designs. There’s a wide selection of sapphires and other precious stones for a truly personal engagement ring. And if you’re in the market for a diamond ring, you’ll also find a stunning collection of rings here.

Michael Trio

The business name Michael Trio is a tribute to the founder, whose family name stands for love, trust, and family. This brand started with three brothers in a quarter-life crisis, and was shaped around his three core values – love, family, and trust. The founders’ first love, however, was to create something that was both unique and functional. Today, Michael Trio has a store near the MRT station.

With a wealth of experience, the Michael Trio brand has been able to maintain a family tradition of quality and service for 40 years. The renowned brand offers high-quality engagement rings and wedding bands, and has a full consultation service. Whether you’re after a ring for your girlfriend or a ring for yourself, the company’s custom-made service allows you to create the perfect piece of jewellery for her.

Les Precious

If you are planning to propose to your girlfriend or wife in Singapore, you should consider Les Precious bespoke engagement rings. The boutique offers sample designs of rings made with precious and semi-precious stones. The collection of ring stones includes natural and conflict-free diamonds, unheated sapphires, and even lab-grown diamonds. Besides the variety of engagement rings, you can also choose the type of metal and setting of the band.

A diamond ring is a classic option. The stone is believed to represent undying devotion. However, choosing rings for large fingers suitable diamond is not an easy task. Whether you’d like a ring with a diamond band or a band without a diamond, it is best to choose a jewellery who specializes in these precious stones. If you’d rather go for a non-dia ring, you can wear it as a promise ring.

Fonder Diamonds

The concept of a bespoke engagement ring is no longer limited to a shop window. Fonder Diamond has streamlined the entire process from start to finish, eliminating intermediaries in the purchasing process and focusing on direct relationships with international diamond suppliers. They have more than 20 diamond cutting factories worldwide, so they can sell diamonds at the best possible price, enabling their customers to save up to 60% compared to traditional jewellers.

You’ll find a plethora of gemstones and diamonds available in the bespoke collection of Fonder Diamond. In addition to an array of bespoke engagement rings, the company also offers a variety of different settings, including halo setting. This setting allows customers to obtain the look of a large diamond for less money. Using a halo setting is a very popular choice this year, and it will save you money on a large stone.

SK Jewellery

If you’re in the market for a bespoke engagement ring in Singapore, SK Jewellery is a great choice. Founded in 1991, the Group has a strong presence in Singapore and Malaysia. Their extensive inventory of solitaires is a good place to start. As a gift, you’ll find the vast array of solitaires available at this jewellery store an excellent choice.

The company offers bespoke engagement rings made to order in 18K white gold. Each ring has 38 diamonds, for a total carat weight of 0.58 carats. With over 60,000 diamonds, CITIGEMS provides the ultimate luxury for any lady. Its eclectic collection includes a range of exclusive collections for every woman. Founded in 1948, offers three brilliant solitaire collections, including heart and soul.

Carrie K.

Classy – This classy boutique focuses on traditional as well as unique jewelry. The unique engagement rings and wedding bands that it specializes in are sure to snag the heart of any woman. The owner has been designing jewelry for more than 30 years and is highly skilled at bringing out the best in each piece. During her consultation, she’ll provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect piece of jewelry for your special lady.


Bespoke engagement rings Singapore is an award-winning jewellery designer who fuses traditional concepts with contemporary design. With an array of bespoke engagement rings and wedding rings, she’s able to bring out the best in each piece, and unique engagement rings. Located in Singapore, she has access to one of the most extensive collections of cultured diamonds in the city-state, making the rings and wedding bands she designs more affordable and eco-friendly than ever.