Best True Crime Shows to Watch In 2023

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There’s been a constant interest in serial killer documentaries and true-crime shows for quite some time now – and to be honest, the reason is pretty obvious. It is interesting to know what goes on in the minds of serial killers and to assess what leads them to kill. Many people say serial killers are born, while others say that they are made. In our opinion, there are shows and serial killers that prove both things. Hence, it is interesting to see which one is which.

Today, we will be sharing some TV shows that are based on the stories of real serial killers and how they were finally caught. Additionally, if you want to know where you could find these shows and stream them, you can catch some of them on streaming platforms like Netflix. However, you can also catch them on TV, if you have the right channels. Check out the channel lineup and details of the Spectrum Silver Package to get an example of a good TV plan.

With that over with, let’s move on to the next segment, which is where we will be dissecting the documentaries and devouring them (for legal reasons, this is 100% a joke).

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

The first one on our list is definitely about one of the most notorious serial killers the world has seen: Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy is a classic example of a serial killer, in that he was a charming and intelligent person on the surface, but a ruthless killer below that mask.

In this docuseries, we get to glimpse the mind of a serial killer through his confession tapes. We get more insight, thanks to the interviews with his close friends and family, and law officials that were in contact with him after the arrest.

The docuseries is only four episodes long and yet you are bound to learn new things about the killer because of all the details this series carries. Ted Bundy was accused of several rapes and murders in the 1970s and he was executed in Florida in 1989 by an electric chair. His trial became a highly publicized trial due to the nature and scale of the crimes.

What is most shocking about this serial killer is that his intelligence was extraordinary and he could’ve very well lived a normal life as an attorney, but he chose another way.

The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea

You might not have heard of this serial killer since he is from another country, but Yoo Young-chul is famously dubbed the “Raincoat Killer” in South Korea. There is no particular connection between the killer and the raincoat, but it is simply that he was wearing a yellow raincoat when showing the police the site where he buried his victims’ remains. This docuseries details the investigation of the murders of Yoo Young-chul and how he was finally caught.

Yoo Young-chul was one of South Korea’s notorious serial killers. He is also a self-confessed cannibal. However, his crimes don’t stop here. Way before he started killing in 2003, he had already spent some time in prison for theft, forgery, identity theft, and rape. He was finally arrested for good in 2004 and was convicted of 20 murders, although they were only able to link him to 16 murders.

At the time of his arrest, South Korea hadn’t carried out the death penalty since 1997 and people were considering abolishing it completely. After his crimes were brought to light, however, people had come to favor the death penalty.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

The latest series on this list is none other than the masterfully created and executed dramatization of Jeffrey Dahmer, the infamous “Milwaukee Butcher” or “Milwaukee Cannibal”. For 13 years, Jeffrey Dahmer terrorized the people of Milwaukee, all while rousing suspicion multiple times and still walking free due to the ignorance of law enforcement officials. Jeffrey operated from 1978 to 1991. He was sentenced to 16 life terms in prison but was killed by a fellow inmate when serving his sentence.

We have to warn you though, this series is brutally realistic and downright disturbing because of the nature of the killings. So, if you know that you cannot stand to watch disturbing content or you might get triggered easily, we advise you to stay away from this show.

While we applaud the producers, directors, actors, and everyone that had a hand in making this show for their amazing recreation, there is no doubt that it is painful for many people to watch, especially the families of the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Taking Everything into Account…

It is definitely heavy stuff when you get into the minds and inner workings of serial killers and yet, somehow, it is still just as shocking how they can commit such heinous actions. It also goes to show how people can completely mask themselves and even their closest friends or families would not be able to tell if something is off about them.

At the end of the day, however, they are just as human as we are and the mask can slip. It is during those moments that there is a breakthrough that reveals everything.