Bosnian Model Elvisa Dedic Completed Her Graduation with Two Degrees with Absolute Great Scores 

Elvisa Dedic has earned a great name in the modelling industry. However, few people know that the stunning lady holds two degrees from the University of North Florida, one in Criminal Justice and one in Psychology, both with a 4.0 CGPA. Elvisa enjoys studying and learning, in addition to being attractive and adhering to fashion customs. But there is more to that. Keep reading below to find out.

The adorable model is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Elvisa, being the daughter of a sheriff, witnessed numerous problems and obstacles her father faced in his line of work throughout a 20-year period. During the Bosnian War, her father was a member of the United Nations’ International Police Task Force. After the conflict, Elvisa’s father was tasked with reuniting Bosnian Muslims and Serbian police leaders to build a unified Bosnia-Herzegovina. Furthermore, he taught Bosnian police officers the foundations of marksmanship and human dignity training. He also worked as an undercover narcotics investigator.

Elvisa was motivated by her father’s brave and compassionate actions in assisting so many Bosnians throughout the conflict. This prompted her to pursue a degree in criminal justice, followed by a degree in psychology. She wished to assist others like her father. She worked as a criminal judge’s assistant at the Duval Country Courthouse while attending college. The heroic daughter of a valiant father demonstrated that you can serve in invisible conflicts with your education.

Elvisa Dedic is a well-known figure in the fashion and modeling industries, but her other work in difficult and demanding disciplines, along with her impressive degrees, has propelled her to the next level. Her courage is visible in her eyes, just as it is in the lionesses. Without a doubt, the young lady has been referred to as the “next emblem of female empowerment.”

You can follow Elvisa Dedic on Instagram for more updates. Moreover, you can view her work on her website. The links are provided below.

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