Buying jewellery online has become a norm: Follow these tips

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Things have changed for the good in the recent past. From shopping to studying, anything is possible online. The World Wide Web has turned into a necessity today. Gone are those days when you visited a jewellery store in your neighbourhood in person. These days, people do online shopping for anything and everything. However, you might wonder whether it is safe to purchase jewellery online. Here are some major guidelines that you need to be acquainted with before you opt for shopping jewellery online.

Look for BIS Hallmark

The Indian Government has set the standards for anything that you buy to guarantee the quality of the product. The same goes for gold jewellery too. The Bureau of Indian Standards [BIS] is the hallmark assigned by the Indian Government to verify the legitimacy of Gold. You must check for the same when you buy gold online. The finesse stamp is 916 for 22ct gold jewellery and the finesse stamp is 750 for 18ct gold jewellery, whilst the finesse stamp is 585 for 14ct gold jewellery.

Do not fall back on client feedback only

Generally, when people shop online, they tend to rely on client feedback only. They make purchases instantly if they come across good reviews. However, when you shop for gold jewellery online, you shouldn’t just depend on consumer reviews, since there might be some paid reviews as well in the mix. Several brands also tend to take down negative reviews to create a good impression on their customers.

Do not overlook the brand and seller details

At times, when you shop online, you might disregard the details regarding the seller or brand’s experience and their site. However, it is totally avoidable when you shop for gold jewellery online. Since gold jewellery requires you to make a huge investment, you cannot just depend on any random seller or brand without verifying its authenticity properly.

Read product descriptions and T&Cs carefully

Whenever you come across a beautiful and an attractive product, you would want to jump on the wagon and acquire it instantly. However, when you shop for jewellery online, this might turn into a mess. You cannot depend on images only. You must read the product description to get an idea as to what they are providing, the price of the product, and how you require keeping it for lasting use. Do not overlook the T&Cs since every brand has a different set of conditions. whenever you have a query, they will resolve it according to the T&Cs only.

Return policy

It is apparent that you might receive a defective product when you shop online. Some brands do not even have a return policy. So, it is wise to check whether the website or brand that you are considering for placing your jewellery order has a return policy so that you return or replace it quickly if the item is inappropriate or below your anticipation.

Look for the “try at home” feature

It might be easy to be confused when you shop for jewellery online. So, it is recommended that you opt for the “Try at home” feature. Most brands offer this facility. Some even offer the advantage of adding your picture online and checking whether the jewellery suits you or not. This will let you know about product compatibility.

Patience is Key

Though people often do online shopping in a hurry, you cannot rush into things when you shop for jewellery online. You cannot make any decisions without thinking them through. Thus, if you wish to shop for gold jewellery or gold coins online, open your laptop, sit on your bed or couch, have your favourite drink, and begin your search. The patient is the biggest virtue.

Understandably, you might not want to trust any online jeweller at one glance. But, if you take the pointers mentioned here into consideration, you can shop for gold jewellery online with much ease.