Can You Pursue More Compensation If Your Injuries Get Worse After You Sign a Settlement Agreement in Philadelphia, PA?

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Injuries sustained in a car accident can be unpredictable. Your body might not respond well to your treatment as expected, or your injuries could worsen over time despite successful treatment. It can be difficult to predict the future of your car accident injuries when you get an initial settlement offer from the at-fault party’s insurance company. Sometimes, you may need more expensive treatments for your injuries than you expected. This is the reason you should not accept the insurer’s initial offer before you can consult with a Philadelphia, PA car accident attorney

What to Do Before You Sign a Settlement Agreement

You can only release the at-fault party of liability when you sign a settlement agreement. Should your medical condition get worse, or you get a more serious medical diagnosis before you sign an agreement, your lawyer can negotiate for more compensation. Keep in mind that they can always refuse an offer from the company so negotiations can begin. 

Before you sign a settlement paper, consult with your lawyer first so you know the full value of your claim. The lawyer can help you assess the amount of claim you can pursue by working with economic or medical experts who can give valuable testimony and opinions. To ensure the compensation you can get covers all your costs, follow the recommendations of your treating physician and always attend your medical appointments. Also, ensure you follow your treatment plan to minimize the chances of your injury getting worse. 

What If Your Injuries Get Worse After You Sign a Settlement Agreement?

Once you sign this agreement, you will have limited options to pursue additional compensation. When you sign the agreement, you won’t be able to file an extra claim against the at-fault driver for the same injury. However, you may be able to reopen your claim or file a new one if the party negotiated a settlement in bad faith or engaged in fraud. All types of guest posts sites available at any moment.

Another option you can explore is opening a new compensation claim against another party that may also be responsible for your injuries. This is possible if your accident involved several parties. You can hold different drivers financially liable or the manufacturer of a car if the accident resulted from a faulty car part. But in such situations, the responsible parties could only pay for a percentage of your damages. Your car accident lawyer can walk you through your options and ensure you exhaust all of them to ensure you won’t be financially burdened in the future because of your accident injuries.