Casino Gambling Legalization in Vietnam 2023

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Since casinos and other forms of gambling are prohibited in Vietnam, the number of such establishments is small. Fortunately, the government is increasingly expanding to more international investment and the gambling restrictions are becoming more liberal, so you may still have fun trying your luck at casinos.

This article will shed some insight on whether or not there have been major shifts in the legal status of casino gambling in the United States in 2023.

Legalities of casino gambling in Vietnam

In the time since January 16, 2017, implementation of the legal framework for the casino industry, not much has changed. Even now, 6 years later, there are requirements like being of legal age and having a stable income before you may bet in any of Vietnam’s casinos.

If you didn’t already know, Vietnamese locals who are at least 21 years old, make more than 10 million VND per month, and have no serious criminal records are the only ones permitted to enter a gaming floor. Casino access may even be restricted to residents who have received prior family approval. The same can be assumed when residents choose to play at an online casino Vietnam in 2023.

Only the Corona Resort and Casino and the yet-to-be-completed Van Don Integrated Resort offer Vietnamese citizens access to their gaming floors, although visitors from other countries are welcome at all of Vietnam’s casinos.

Extending the pilot program

The Vietnamese Ministry of Finance has recommended extending a pilot program that allows residents to gamble in chosen casinos by two years and increasing the number of casinos participating in the program from one to three.

The pilot program was supposed to begin in 2019, last for three years, and end in 2021, when it was first announced in 2017. Since the global epidemic has had such an impact, the ministry is reportedly exploring the prospect of prolonging the test program until 2014.

The most recent decree on casino gambling

The Vietnamese government has enacted new regulations for electronic gaming machine play in the country. These regulations include everything from foreigners gambling in Vietnamese casinos to illicit side betting and online casino Vietnam 2023 sites.

When referring to gambling machines, the new order lists 15 forbidden actions. The edict also forbids players from making individual wagers on the outcomes of games.

The new regulation stipulates that slot machines must have a minimum fixed payout ratio of 90%. On February 12, 2022, the directive officially went into effect.

Where can I gamble online in Vietnam?

There is no formal document establishing the legality of internet gambling in Vietnam, despite the fact that some publications you may come across online will lead you to believe otherwise.

That doesn’t make any sites accessible from within the country’s borders any less legitimate, though. In reality, the locals can play at online casino Vietnam 2023 websites that are regulated by gambling authorities, albeit such agencies are located in different countries. However, you need not worry about anything unsafe or unsecure, so you can rest well.

Sites like Solarbet, an online casino platform trusted by players in Asia since 2014, have quickly gained popularity. You may avoid getting caught gambling online and still access these sites by using a virtual private network (VPN).

Closing thoughts

The legalization of gambling in Vietnam remains contentious. Although gambling is illegal in Vietnam, locals nevertheless find creative ways to place wagers. Gambling addiction is seen as a social illness by the government due to the potential for it to bring about undesirable outcomes including financial insecurity and a decline in morals and community cohesion.

There is widespread agreement that Vietnam may reap economic and tourism benefits from loosening its grip on the gambling industry. As for players who prefer playing online, sticking to a legitimate casino trực tuyến việt nam 2023 website like Solarbet is your next best choice.