Considerations to make when purchasing a Lawn Mower

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A mower, also called a grass cutter, is a machine that utilizes blades which may be one or more depending on the design. The blades are always continuously revolving. Either electricity or gasoline powers them to cut grass to a particular height depending on the owner’s desire.

Depending on the user, there are many considerations to make when purchasing a grass cutter. As a buyer, you always keep in mind that there are self-propelled cutters, walk-behind cutters, and even robotic cutters.

Below are the most basic considerations to make while purchasing a grass cutter;

The drive system

A mower that is not self-propelled should be put into consideration if your grass area is flat and small-sized. A push mower is suitable; being cheap, lighter with fewer mechanical parts, and does not easily wear out will be easier to carry through.

A self-propelled grass cutter will be suitable in a place with hills or a large yard. And this is because the front wheels of the mower pull the mower forward, and also, they have a rear-drive option that helps reduce traction on the wheels, and its flexibility can be adjusted to make it more efficient.

How to start

Grass cutters either use a rope or string to start or a button for electric start cutters. Pulling a rope may be difficult for some people, so they should opt for a lawn mower with an inbuilt battery or electric start; this helps eliminate the need to pull your mower to start it.

An electric or inbuilt battery cutter is good for people with health and shoulder problems. The electric starter is also efficient in emptying the grass or picking an obstacle on the way by switching off the machine and some van recharging the battery as you cut, making it efficient.

The engine size and features

Grass cutters have engines designed depending on the manufacturer’s specs and grade. Buying a cutter with a larger engine capacity never makes you be at the top of your speed, but the larger engine is very important if you have plans to add a snow blade or accessories like a snow thrower.

Some tractor engines have electronic fuel injection; this adjustment reduces the engine’s starting problems, which is always associated with carbureted machines and cutters that use ethanol fuel.

Most traditionally made cutters are always made with carburetors; hence, making the best decision when choosing an engine helps avoid starting problems, considering that the electronic fuel injection boosts fuel efficiency by approximately twenty-five percent of the normal working.

Reverse mechanisms

This mechanism helps the mower move backward while still cutting the grass efficiently.

Some grass cutters are designed so that shifting them to the reverse direction turns off their operating system. In contrast, others are designed with a button that you must continuously hold while moving in the reverse direction to prevent the engine from turning off, then repositioning it if you have to move forward.

The button system is preferable since you can cut the lawn in both directions.


This article contains the most basic considerations to make while purchasing a grass cutter and hence of great reference.