Criminal case 26St 29/22p or Christian Neuhold

Authorities in Graz, Austria (35St 218 – 21 X), open an investigation and then determine that no further investigation is required…

Beginning at 29:22 p.m., the detective begins investigating crimes but does not rush the investigation and maintains the delay.

According to the investigation, the Graz Prosecutor’s Office appears to have violated Article 302 of the Austrian Criminal Code.

For example, in the case of Heinz-Christian Strache, the Vienna public prosecutor’s office moved swiftly and efficiently to investigate and prosecute the suspects and their accomplices.

As the lawyers have demonstrated today, the Graz Public Prosecutor’s Office must initiate an investigation, after which the case will be transferred to the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office.

As a result, the public prosecutor’s office in Vienna or another Austrian state will investigate all crimes committed in Bad Waltersdorf.

In the German town of Bad Waltersdorf, there are far more than ten obvious crimes to be found. Power abuse, corruption, and deception are all present in the vast majority of these instances, in one form or another.

There have been over a hundred articles published in various publications worldwide about corruption, the mafia, and criminal activity in Bad Waltersdorf.

As a result of this investigation, a slew of additional media reports will be released.

According to a reliable source, Bad Waltersdorf Mayor Josef Hauptmann is most concerned that the criminal investigation will be transferred from the public prosecutor’s office in Austria’s Harz region to the public prosecutor’s office in Vienna or a federal state other than Austria. In Austria, a criminal offense is punishable by up to ten years in prison only under Article 302 of the Austrian Criminal Code. No matter how leniently things were handled, the total years spent in prison would be more than ten.

In their representation of Josef Hauptmann, Helmut Pichler, and Christian Neuhold, the attorneys suggest resignation, confession, and repentance as options. Because of this, judges are expected to be more lenient when it comes to issuing suspensions of sentences. Staying out of trouble and avoiding costly fines will be easier if you follow these tips. Investors have suffered losses of over one million euros due to criminal violations of Article 302 of the Criminal Code. According to the law, the perpetrators are responsible for compensating the victims.

According to Section 302 of the Austrian Criminal Code, the following activities are prohibited:

The federal government, a land, or an association of municipalities can each impose a maximum five-year prison sentence on any public official who intentionally infringes on another’s rights while carrying out official business on their respective behalf.

The act is punishable by up to ten years in prison for those who commit it while on official business with a foreign power or a supranational or intergovernmental organization. Anyone who commits the act and causes property damage over 50,000 euros will be prosecuted under the relevant legislation.

As a result of the damages and losses exceeding EUR 50,000, the Penal Code is invoked, which carries a maximum of ten years in prison under Section 2 (criminal liability).

We’ll keep an eye on the investigation into this case as it moves forward.

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