Cult British Teen Drama Shocks the Americans

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The cult British teen drama Skins has been a popular hit in the UK for four years, and now it’s coming to the United States. While the Parents Television Council and Viacom have called the series “dangerous” for viewers, it’s not without controversy. The show’s edgier, artier fare has drawn much criticism from American audiences, but it is a huge success in the UK.

Essence of adolescence

British teen dramas are notoriously difficult to adapt for the US market, though a few have managed it. The Office and Shameless, for example, have been successful across the pond. The main appeal of British teen shows is their ability to capture the essence of adolescence. Despite the heightened emotional drama, these shows are funny and surprisingly mature, despite their British roots.

Featuring actors

Skins was the first British teen drama to make it to the US. Unlike American shows, Skins featured actual teenage actors as its lead characters. Each character was cast in a different role every two seasons. The series features a teenage heroine named Rue and a group of other teenagers, as well as the misfits kids, who are society’s outcasts. Despite their unlikability, the characters are remarkably relatable.

Unlike American shows

A cult British teen drama has taken the world by storm. It’s not the first to break the American teen television market, with series like The Office and Shameless making it to the US. The problem, however, is that American producers don’t seem to get teen shows right. Unlike American shows, British adolescent dramas are grounded in realistic experiences that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Attracts visitors

The cult British teen drama has a unique appeal that attracts a wide audience in the US. Unlike the American teen dramas, British teen shows are often more relatable than the American versions. The characters are realistic and likeable, and the series is a great way to attract a new audience. It’s not just the language that matters. It’s the content of the show.

Diverse and multicultural

There are many reasons why British teen dramas are popular in the United States. Its underlying culture is very diverse and multicultural. In the UK, a cult British teen drama may be a little too ‘adult’ for the American teen. On the other hand, American teens may be too young to understand the underlying message of this show, but they’ll be surprised by the cult’s appeal.


This cult British teen drama has become a worldwide phenomenon. Its central characters are a group of teenagers living in a small town in South West England. The storyline of the show deals with issues like mental illness, adolescent sexuality, substance abuse, and even death. Although the show’s popularity has spread to the US, the show’s original cast remains largely British.

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