Because cricket is not one of the most popular sports in the CIS countries, it is difficult to find a reliable bookmaker that would offer a wide range of bets on ipl 2022 matches. Parimatch is a company that has been tested by time and hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. The main advantages of the bookmaker are fair payouts, high odds, customer loyalty. There are several ways to place a bet – from a computer, from a mobile application, or on devices on Android and iOS platforms.

We choose a partner for predictions for the matches of the Indian Championship

After reviewing the ipl schedule for the 2022 season, you can proceed to the process of betting on the DC vs KKR match of the Indian Cricket Championship. First, decide on the choice of a bookmaker. Attention should be paid to several aspects.

  • Legality. Not all companies operate in the legal field, beware of scammers. Also, pay attention to the license – the bookmaker must have permission to operate in the country in which you live, otherwise, there may be problems with payments.
  • Coefficients. Different bookmakers offer different rates for the same event, so analyze the betting lines of several companies to choose the best option. Also, the rating of the bookmaker depends on how wide a range of events it offers.
  • Bonuses for registration. To attract new customers, many offices offer a bonus to the initial deposit. In different organizations, the amount of the bonus can vary significantly.

When choosing a bookmaker, be guided not only by the above factors but also by the reviews of real customers. On various forums, you can find not only positive reviews but also information about pitfalls. Parimatch has long earned the status of a reliable bookmaker and every year confirms its position.

How to bet on DC vs KKR

The match between Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders promises to be very spectacular. Both teams successfully overcame the barrier in the form of the group stage last season and not only reached the playoffs but also managed to climb the podium. DC became the bronze medalist of the Indian championship, and KKR became the vice-champion, losing in the final match. This season, the teams plan to at least repeat last year’s achievements.

You can follow ipl battles with Parimatch. A wide line of bets is available for the company’s clients, which implies the ability to bet on several outcomes. A draw is not provided for by the format of the competition, so privateers can choose W1 or W2. If you are not sure about any of the teams, you can bet on the overall total of the match or the total on a separate game day. Connoisseurs of non-standard forecasts will be happy to see the opportunity to bet on the individual total of teams and on the number of points earned by attacking team players.

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