Detailed Information on the Features and Types of Keg Pumps

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Being a container used by beer vendors to pump beer, its price varies due to differences in features, type and quality. Amazingly, the Kenyan pump price is the best, and affordable. This article discusses the characteristics and types of keg pumps in Kenya.

A keg pump is a device used to pump beer from a pressurized container. A long time ago, beer vendors used to serve customers using jugs that were profitable due to beer drops. Thanks to the technology which came up with a keg pump that works faster and more efficiently.

The keg pump price varies between brands and always depends on the quality of the pump. Cheap are expensive, and buying cheap brands can lead to frequent failure hence costly repairs. Kenya has the best price for quality keg pumps.

Below is detailed information on the features and types of quality keg pumps in Kenya:

Features of keg pumps


The handler, which sometimes is called beer taller, is a valve that allows the easy glow of beer from the pressurized container into a glass. Being one of the pump components, one can operate it easily. It is simple, and any customer can use it with no difficulties.


The stroke normally ensures the smooth flowing of beer. Its other name is the pump. It is made so that you can apply little force and operate it easily. The nature of the pump stroke has simplified the control of the pump.

Strong brass body

The pump handle can damage easily due to constant use. Its regular usage has led to building the handle using brass to increase the durability of the handle. Keg pump containing brass in their handle contributes to the best price.

Smooth beer line

The component is attached to the hand pump and the keg cylinder. It has a faucet for controlling the beer poured. It is normally clean to make the beer last for a long. The component is always submerged in ice to maintain the beer’s taste and state.

A common factor to note is that the type primarily affects the keg pump price in Kenya. Below are some of the types of keg pumps in Kenya;

U-type keg

This type is sometimes known as the Irish Guinness key couple. The u-type keg coupler is rare, and its price is the best and most affordable to teer vendors.

A type keg coupler

This type of coupler is associated with different brands and is used to store breweries. This type of keg coupler lasts long and keeps the taste of the beer.

In conclusion, a keg pump is important in helping the keg, and it is better than the used jar long ago. It has more advanced components making it easier for beer vendors and reducing the loss of profit. The pump has a smooth beer line that lasts longer and remains in a good state. It has disadvantages but advantages. The keg pump is more important than the jars.