Details of the Latest Okvip Promotion For Beginners

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Okvip is one of the few entertainment groups to launch a series of promotions to thank customers. Up to now, the number of bonus programs of this website has reached a huge number. To help newbies not be surprised, we will answer all of that right below.

What are the conditions to receive Okvip offers?

OKVIP is a corporation that provides the best online game changer service in Asia for 20 years. The forerunner of this brand is Taipei101 – an enterprise with a reputation for prestige and transparency in betting.

Not only gives players many popular games: Cards, casino, sports betting, cockfighting, game slots,… The website is also an online game provider for many other game halls. The group’s ecosystem is currently extremely rich with many big bookies such as: Hi88, New88, 789bet, Shbet,…

The promotions that the system launches are getting bigger and bigger, but to receive those gifts, you need to make sure:

  • Register an official account at the playground, each person can only create a unique game nick.
  • You cannot register to receive 2 offers at the same time.
  • Make sure to receive the gift within the specified time, if it is overdue and the gamer does not take any action, the house will cancel.
  • Complete the number of transactions and betting rounds as prescribed by each offer.

How to receive Okvip offers?

The hottest Okvip promotions 2023

Because of its strong financial potential, this Asia’s leading betting group often offers incentives to customers. Besides promotions for newbies, the website also has many gifts for old members, specifically:

Give away 100K for first time members

When you first register as a member of OKVIP or any bookmaker in the corporate ecosystem, you will also receive a welcome gift. 100K is not a large amount of money for some people, but this is the encouragement and morale that the brand offers. All customers who register for an Okvip account for the first time will be given cash to the game wallet. This is considered the initial capital to bet players to play.

Free 28,789,000 VND for the first deposit

Not only giving away 100K in cash, the corporation also spends heavily when rewarding members with VND 28,789,000 when loading the game for the first time. After completing the qualifying round, you can withdraw money to your account at any time.

Okvip launches unlimited super refund

An event for all members of the group, that is the super refund. When you are unlucky to lose your bet, you will be refunded a part of your bet corresponding to the initial deposit. This offer is available on most games and each game has its own unique color scheme.

Promotions at Asia Entertainment Group

Promotion for 2nd time reloading game

When you make a second deposit to the game wallet, you will receive the highest bonus amount up to 16,789,000 VND. Players are allowed to withdraw the bonus to their bank account after completing the full number of betting rounds that the playground sets out.

Many recurring offers

The continent’s leading entertainment group system knows how to please customers. Accordingly, they offer periodic promotions to retain old members and recruit new bettors.

When you become an official player here, you will receive daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly,…with countless valuable gifts. Brands do not hesitate to invest in exchange for customer satisfaction.

How to get Okvip promotion

Offers OKVIP bring to members who are always in the top of the current red and black playgrounds. The number of gamers changing their lives thanks to winning prizes at the brand is increasing. Bet players follow these steps to not miss any gifts!

Instructions on how to receive incentives at the corporation

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of the website of Tập đoàn Okvip from a browser or via a previously found link.
  • Step 2: Click Register and then fill in the information that the system requires to create your own official account.
  • Step 3: Click Login, enter your account name and password to enter the playground.
  • Step 4: Select the Promotion item at the main interface and then click on the offer you want to receive.
  • Step 5: Carefully read the terms, conditions and notes of that bonus program and then execute in the correct order.
  • Step 6: After completing the requirements of the offer, bettors can withdraw money to their bank account, e-wallet, scratch card,… at will.

Promotion information OKVIP recently hope to help newcomers have a broader view of the professionalism of this corporation. To become Asia’s leading entertainment brand, the playground has had to work hard for nearly 20 years. This stop will give bettors many valuable experiences.