Effect on Education Due to Covid-19

In 2020, the whole world faced an epidemic that shook us all; the impact of Covid-19 has happened worldwide. From children to elders, everyone has come under the grip of this epidemic. Circumstances happened during that time, and we were all locked inside the houses. The children were neither able to go to school nor any office or shop. But all this has a different effect on our children.

On the one hand, children got one year’s vacation, and on the other hand, their studies suffered a considerable loss. Because of this, there has been a lot of impact on their education. Earlier children used to depend on books for their studies, but now children complete their studies through mobile or should I say that they now use only mobile to complete their studies. It is straightforward to study from a mobile, and it is very beneficial because children get more knowledge than books but Do children use mobiles only for their studies? Along with studying on mobile, children do many things that keep their attention away from their studies. 

It has happened to children who have mobile phones, but what about those who do not have mobiles and want to study. Have we wondered how they must have completed their studies during the Pandemic? Due to this epidemic, many poor children had to leave their studies in the middle because they did not have the means to study. We had ignored all these things thinking that it is not a big deal, but if we think about it, it is a big problem, children are the future of our country, and this Pandemic has had the most significant impact on our future. 

This epidemic has made education easy for us because we are all dependent on mobile now, but as I said above, do children only study on mobile? We have a perfect solution, but teachers and parents have a huge role. We have to be strict with the kids now because the question is about their future. Before giving the phone in the hands of the parents to their children, they have to set some privacy settings in them so that they cannot play games or anything other than study. Secondly, we can check this by going in between. What are the children doing on the phone, and then their phone can also be checked. If we are giving computers or laptops to children, then they have the option of parental control, then they can also do it.

Now we will talk about the involvement of teachers. When teachers take online classes, it is tough for them to watch each child. Some children turn off the camera, make excuses, and leave the class in the middle. Suppose their parents are not aware of this. The teachers will have to first pay attention to the attendance management system, in which they take the attendance of the children at the beginning and end of the class and keep asking questions to all the children in between.

Final Words

Now we have to work on the fee management system to keep the children focused on their studies as we all know that due to covid, many people have lost their jobs. The condition has also worsened, so the school management should change their fee structure, such as for those who can pay fees. No, reduce their fees a little, by this, all the children will get to study.

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