Elegant Night Makeup Ideas For Dark Skin Women

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When it comes to makeup, dark skin is a perfect canvas for bold pigments, like red and black eyeliner. A darker color on the face can make you appear sexy and editorial, and can work perfectly as eye shadow and blush. Keep in mind that a dark complexion tends to have a lighter overall tone than the rest of her body, so it is important to match your foundation with your jawline and chest.

Eyebrows should be dark

To create an edgy nighttime look for dark skin, start by blending shades of gold and purple on your lids. For the lids, apply a light pink shade, and then line the top of your lid with black eyeliner. The brows should be shaped and bold to balance the look. A black dress and long lashes will add a dramatic touch to your eyes.

You are a commoner

If you have dark eyelids, try a smoky eye. To enhance the effect, use a brown shade of eye shadow. The eyelids can be emphasized by adding a hint of glitter. If you have a light complexion, you can go for a simple, elegant nighttime makeup. You can also add a kohl liner to your lower lids to give your eyes a more dramatic look.

Try golden highlights

If you’re a woman with a medium skin tone, try a shimmery golden highlight under your eyes. This will give your eyes a dark smokey effect. You can also go for a dramatic gold eyeliner and a thick, graphic brow. Lastly, apply some loose powder to set your makeup. If you’re going to go for a full-face makeup, use a smoky golden lip gloss.

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Complements skin tone

A rich dark pink eyeshadow is a great way to compliment your skin color. A pink eyeshadow can also be applied to your waterline, as it complements your skin tone. A bold lip liner will give your eyes an extra dramatic look and will set your makeup for the evening. You can add a light pink lip gloss for a subtle effect. In addition to the colors and the lipstick, you should also use a concealer and a brow product.


If you’re a dark-skinned woman with brown or hazel eyes, try a deep purple eyeshadow on your lids. This shade will draw attention to your eyes and make your lashes appear thicker and more prominent. A light pink lip color will also work for a night out. A bold, glossy brow will balance the look and highlight the eyes. This shade is very flattering for dark-skinned women.

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