Everything You Need to Know About Grease Guns Kenya

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It can be defined as a garage tool mainly used for lubrication purposes. It is used to apply lubricant via the aperture to the specific target points, often from the Cartridge to the grease nozzle. The way behind the nipple direct to where lubrication is required.

The durability of machinery depends on the proper way of lubrication which increases its lifespan. Such greasing improves the joints and rotating parts to remain in their original position and function properly. It uses pressure to trigger grease and push it to where it is supposed to be applied.

The essence of the nozzle is to allow direct greasing without wastage. Most of these grease guns are readily available in the market; however, you must be careful to buy from trusted vendors.

You might wonder how much it costs, but we have a series of factors to consider before buying a grease gun. This article highlights those attributes in detail as below, and these make the price of grease guns fluctuate.

Factor to consider before purchasing a grease gun

Length of the hose

With its extended length, the grease gun enables the user to navigate quickly, avoid obstacles, and maneuver around corners easily. For example, if you are focusing on a specific joint, there is no need to dismantle the whole part to reach the intended function, but you can ripple it gently to the surface and attain the required greasing.

The pressure of the gun

A high-pressure gun enables easy grease squirting and application to a specific joint. One should consider checking the pressure gauge and read carefully the instructions provided to maintain the efficiency and durability of the grease gun.

The capacity of the Cartridge

The grease gun with a large capacity gives you a humble time when working; you do not need to keep on refilling time after time. A pressure with such features costs a bit, but your efficiency is guaranteed.

When looking for the grease gun price in Kenya, don’t just check the pocket friendly; ensure all essential features are available and buy from trusted vendors.

Instructions manual

A good grease gun has instructions on how to use, maintain, clean procedures, and dispose of after completing the recommended lifespan. Some instructions and precautions measures are written on it while some you are provided with small instructions manual books written in most frequently used languages worldwide.


Greasing the gun with the handle and trigger allows manual configurations of fluids for hand pressing from the barrel to the tube in a manner like a lever. The barrel acts like a storage tank for grease tubes and house excess grease supplied by the primary storage.

Electric motor

The purpose of this is to drive high pressure in large grease pumps. They are always powered by the battery, which is the reason behind their portability. This is usually associated with grease guns used to lubricate heavy machinery.


They have a firm three jaws seal connection that is reliable to grip the ball and fit it; therefore, high pressure pushes the grease tighter and prevents it from leakage.


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