Everything You Need to Know About Sugarcane Juice Machines

A good number of Kenyans have gotten absorbed in the new norm of drinking sugarcane juice. The sugarcane juice machine has made things easier in that those incapable of chewing the hard fiber can now enjoy the juice without having to extract it themselves using their teeth. Entrepreneurs have also benefited from this new business opportunity as most of them are now selling the juice and not the stem.

This recent invention is a tool that extracts nourishing and energizing juice from sugarcane by squeezing the cane through the chromium steel rollers. They are mainly intended for business purposes as a result of their huge profit, especially during the summer season.

Electric Sugarcane Machine

The Best Sugarcane Machine

When selecting the finest sugar cane mill machine, it is important to understand that it comes in two models, the electric and manual. Whatever you decide to go for should have the major parts made of stainless steel. This is because it was made with your health in mind. It should also be fast and convenient to operate.

How to use a Sugarcane Machine

Since this tool intends to make work easier, the simple process reciprocates its purpose. Begin by turning the forwarder, cut your sugarcane at an angle, gently insert it intothe rollers, place your cup under the spout and let your juice come out.


Sugarcane juice machine prices in Kenya are relative depending on a number of facts. When it comes to durability, increasing the lifespan of a newly purchased sugarcane machine can only be made possible through proper maintenance. It’s important to press the canes at the center of the rollers while using the machine. The electronic switches such as the red emergency stop button, forwarder/ reverse, and the green power line should be used in the right way to avoid sudden breakdowns.

Importance of Extracting Juice from Sugarcane

When purchasing a Sugarcane Machine, understanding the benefits of the juice is vital. Rich in sucrose, it provides instant energy to the body, helps to fight diseases, strengthens bones, stimulates the immune system, improves digestion and reduces stress.


A warranty guarantees you of the sugarcane machine quality so be sure to purchase from a store that offers one. It is the ultimate demonstration that the vendor you are purchasing from has full confidence the product. Professional Certified Service will take uprepairs, or replace machines that don’t work appropriately as per the terms and conditions of the contract at hand.


Keeping up with emerging trends is inescapable. Buying a sugarcane machine is one of the greatest nutritional investments that both a consumer anda new business owner can make. In Kenya, they have become so popular and they will continue to do so due to the benefits attached to them. Critical research is paramount before purchasing any machine to evade any risks that might arise from failing to analyze the scope.

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