External Shutters vs Internal Shutters

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Pros and Cons of Interior Shutters and Exterior Window Covering

Shutters can be installed in one of two ways, on the outside of the home, where they are mounted around the windows externally, or inside the home when they are installed on the internal frame of the window. When having plantation shutters installed, it is necessary to have them correctly fitted once determined if they should be external or internal.

Plantation Shutters

There are pros and cons to either external or interior shutters. By considering the strengths and weaknesses of each, it can be determined which will be the best fit for your home and needs. Exterior window roller shutters will offer a layer of protection between the window and the weather and outdoor elements. During storms, they can be closed and will protect the window from debris, high winds, and hail. By offering this extra layer of closed shutters, the windows are less likely to become broken and will last longer. However, plantation shutters installed on the exterior of the home are more susceptible to damage from the sun and heat, as well as the wind and rain, and will need regular maintenance and care to remain in peak condition. Wooden ones can be painted and coated to protect them from the weather for longer, and this can be repeated as necessary. The main advantage to placing them on the interior of the home is that the shutters can still control the light and provide privacy, but they will be protected from the most damaging of the elements. They will add extra protection to the people and items within the home but will not protect the outside of the window. With the slats on the inside of the window, they can be adjusted easily to control how much light is allowed in.Plantation shutters were originally used on the plantation homes to offer shade and privacy and to add the curb appeal of the added elegance. Made of wood, they were placed outside the homes as a way to shield the inside of the home from the sun and the heat of the summer days. By closing the shutters, the sun was prevented from heating the inside of the home, and the belongings would not become as the sun faded. More recent versions are made not only with wood but also with vinyl or other materials. They are adapted for appearance and for the location, offering protection from the sun and heat as well as other weather occurrences. With new materials being used, they are long-lasting and easy to care for while still creating the same look and feel as the originals. The slats are wider on a plantation shutter than on others, and they are easily adapted to control the light that is allowed into the house or the level of privacy that is created. They are long-lasting, easy to install, and will offer years of use for the investment. If cared for properly, they will last decades.

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