Factors Determining Choice of Generators in Kenya

When it comes to power supply, generators are perfect alternative sources of electricity. At times, we encounter power shortages or failures which affect businesses that depend on electricity to operate.For instance, industries, cyber cafes, hospitals, offices, and other places. Well, these appliances can convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. They supply the electricity during such times ensuring business run normally.

Due to the extended supply of electricity everywhere including remote areas, generator prices in Kenya has been highly been affected. However, what people do not understand is that the chances of electric shortages are also rising. This is due to minor accidents caused by new users and increasing demand for electricity. In fact, as the demand increase so is the frequent connection and disconnection of electricity now and then.

Types of generators

We have many types of generators, but the common ones are diesel and petrol power generators.The price of the two varies from place to place. Also, their size and the brandaffect the price as well. There are a good number of brands of generators in Kenya. People purchase either of them depending on the information they have concerning them.

Some of these appliances last long others have low consumption and others have both. That is why you find a similar brand of generators in a given locality.

What to consider before purchasing a generator

During rainy seasons, we encounter power shortages in most places. This affects the smooth running of the business as well as other basic activities. This is due to fallen electricity poles and branches of trees falling on electricity lines. In cases like these, one needs a game changer which is probably the generator


As we all know safety comes first, and that is why you should never run this appliance in an enclosed room. In fact, they emit CO gas which is poisonous and can kill a person if they inhale the gas for a long time.

Amount of power needed

You need to be able to tell how much power you need to run the business so that the generator you are purchasing can be helpful to you. This is the same case applies to people purchasing it for domestic use. N either case the generator purchased should be able to meet the desire of the buyer fully.

Standby generators or portable ones

If you are a person who moves from one place to another, you need a portable generator. You need something you can carry around wherever you move to a new place.

However, if you need a large amount of power and you usually do not move from place to place or you go and come back, you need a standby generator. This type of generator is best when it comes to home and business use. They provide the amount of power as well as a long time of service due to large tank sizes.

These generators also are more convenient when there is a power shortage. This is due to the automatic feature that turns them on once the power is gone and off whenthe power comes back


We live in a world where technology grows rapidly. Generators were so loud that no one wanted them near them. But, now they are more advanced that it is not easy to detect their presence in the area. This has made them popular and convenient.

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