Factors When Determining the Best Choice of Air Compressor in Kenya

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As the world evolves, people come up with several techniques, devices, appliances, and machines that make their lives easier, comfortable and impressive.

One of the most common devices in this case is the air compressor.

This device has evolved, and the most recent model is more efficient when put into use.

What is an air compressor?

This is a device that reduces the volume of a gas, and by doing that, it increases the pressure.

In Kenya, cooking gases and others of the same caliber fill using compressed gas.

This has been happening over a significant period of time.

Below are some factors which could determine the price of an air compressor in Kenya.

Air pressure 

Depending on the needs of the buyer, they can choose a single stage or 2 stage compressors. In most cases, they can use a single stage for small commercial duties, while they utilize 2 stages for industrial purposes or heavy commercial duty.

Life Expectancy

A device with a short lifespan will be expensive because one will need to go back to the store to buy another after a short period of time.

Buying a device with a long lifespan will save you of any expenses incurred through repair.

It is better to commit a reasonable amount to buy a sustainable machine than buy a cheap one which could eventually turn out to be expensive.

Duty cycle

This is another factor that has to be put into consideration when determining air compressor price in Kenya. Machines with a duty cycle of 50% or less will only run for half the time.

For instance, a device could operate for just 5 minutes in the available 10 minutes.

Devices used for industrial purposes have a duty cycle of 80% or more, which means they can run continuously over a long period of time.

Competing firms

Everyone likes affordable products. In cases where prices of same products differ in different firms, a buyer will need to consider other factors to make the right decision.

Factors like after sales services and transport cost have to come hand in hand whenever prices of competing firms differ.

In all aspects, the buyer should make a choice that favors them.

Moisture issues

When air compresses, it becomes a gas. When the gas cools through a process called condensation, it turns to water, which can lead to rusting of an air compressor.

A durable device should have features that help get rid of water, thereby preventing rusting.

Horsepower rating

Rating can be an ideal hint that helps a buyer determine price.

It also helps you determine the size of the compressor you need.

A good seller should be able to test a device in the presence of a prospective buyer before any transaction happens.

It’s advisable to opt for compressors with high ratings.


As seen above, buying an air compressor can be hassle-free if you have enough knowledge on what you want.

As a buyer, it is important to have specific characteristics of the device you wish to acquire. This will not only help you make a correct decision, but also save on unnecessary expenses that might come with misinformation.