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Tvirtual sports 789 bet is one of the new products and is being interested by many bettors. Not only does it bring a huge bonus rate, but it also owns a lot of familiar subjects. Let us find out more in the content of this article today before participating in the experience.

789bet What is that?

This is a reputable bookmaker brand with more than 15 years of experience in the online betting market. Not only managed by the famous M.A.N Entertainment Group, but also recognized as legal by the Philippine government.

Thanks to that recognition, the unit was honored to build its main operating headquarters in Manila city. On the other hand, the website 789bet had to go through the rigorous testing of PAGCOR. Each product and service is tested very strictly before issuing a legal business license.

Therefore, Vietnamese players can completely trust and participate in betting on this website. Surely this address is not only a place to entertain after tired working hours but also an opportunity to enrich you.

Introducing a reputable bookie with more than 15 years of experience for newbies

Should try virtual sports experience?789bet or not?

When it comes to this product, not only beginners but even members may not know its existence. In fact, virtual sports is still a category of betting through sports such as football, tennis,ball basket,… However, the competing teams are not real people, but simulation technology created.

A few advantages that players should not ignore this product are as follows:

  • Time of matches in virtual sports 789bet will be greatly shortened. This will help players participate in betting more to be able to make money quickly.
  • The image and sound are extremely high quality, bringing a great experience to the players.
  • Full information about the tournament as well as the teams that will participate so that bettors can make a bet. Although the win and lose factor will be due to the issuer system associated with 789bet automatic decision however match prediction is still applicable in this product.
  • The interface as well as the types of rafters are not too different from traditional sports. If you don’t want to wait too long, these simulated matches are made for you.
  • Although it is a category that is not as popular as traditional sports, but789bet continues to provide many preferential programs for members.

Reasons not to miss the virtual sports category

Some subjects should not be ignored when participating in virtual sports

Because of the newness of virtual sports, many players do not know what sports the house will bring. Here we will list the most detailed for everyone to refer to and choose.

Virtual Football Championship

This is one of the most popular tournaments with the participation of 16 extremely strong teams. A virtual sports season 789bet This will take about 112 minutes including a lot of home and away matches between the teams.

There will be a total of 8 ways to bet as follows for players to refer to and use:

  • Handicap Full Match
  • 1st Half Handicap
  • Over/Under full match
  • Over/Under Round 1
  • Full match 1X2
  • Round 1 1X2
  • Exact score
  • Parlay bets

National Virtual Football Championship 789bet

This is a tournament with the participation of 24 teams created by the system continuously. Each tournament will have 32 group stage matches, 16 knockout matches, quarterfinals, semi-finals and final. The bookie will allow players to place bets at any time, even when it is happening like traditional sports.

Virtual basketball tournament

Of course, basketball is also one of the most popular sports. When you come to the virtual sports category of the bookie, you will see the competition of 16 teams created by the simulation system. A season will last 106:30 minutes for members 789bet can track and bet.

Because of the specificity of basketball, the bets will also be more as follows:

Some virtual sports products 789bet Hottest right now

  • Winner of the match, including overtime: Score after 4 innings (including extra time).
  • Over/Under, including extra time.
  • Handicap, including overtime.
  • The winning score is 6 way apart including extra time.
  • Round 1 Winner: The team won the first two rounds.
  • Round 1 – Over/Under.
  • Round 1 – Handicap.
  • 1st Half Bets – 7 Way Win Score: Score difference between the 2 teams after the end of the first half of the match.
  • Bet to race to X points in the whole match.
  • Home Team – Over/Under: The number of points scored by the away team in the match including extra time.
  • Away – Over/Under: The number of points scored by the away team in the match including extra time.

In addition to the above products, virtual sports at nhà cái 789bet also bring other tournaments such as Asian football, Euro football or virtual tennis. Hurry up and join betting today to enjoy the best quality that this category has to offer!