Features and advantages of 200ah solar battery

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With the increase in electricity bills most people have resorted to the use of solar.  This enables them to use solar panels to channel power. A solar battery is a device that is added to a solar power system to store excess electricity generated by solar panels. This article will focus on the 200ah solar battery.


Due to the concept of solar panels being new, most batteries that have been produced for the panels are not efficient. The 200ah solar battery is more efficient than other batteries. Research has shown that due to its efficiency it tends to last longer. Customers who have been able to use the batteries have given good reviewsthat support the research.

Good voltage

The 200ah solar batteries have a good voltage. The voltage is  at its optimum which is considered to be okay.This feature enables the batteries to be in use for a long time hence enhancing it’s durability.  The good voltage also prevents accidents from occurring in case a high amount of power is being stored.


Battery prices for large devices tend to be expensive as compared to those of small devices. Solar power systems are definitely large devices. The 200ah solar battery price in Kenya is affordable thus drawing many customers to buy them. Companies go for these batteries since they may have many solar power systems but they can also be used by individuals.

Water level indicators

The 200ah batteries come with water level indicators that enable one to see the level of water. This feature is especially helpful to those that use hot water heaters that require solar panels or a solar power system. It helps regulate the water level and prevent overflowing.

Little maintenance

Most solar batteries require a lot of maintenance in order to keep them running. It is usually advisable to have maintenance checks on your batteries by a professional so that you know when to replace them. The 200ah solar batteries require little maintenance to keep them going. They are also low maintenance batteries.


200ah batteries have a low self-discharge rate as compared to other batteries. Batteries self discharge when they are used for a long period of time. The discharge from the batteries are harmful to the environment and people’s health. With the low self-discharge rate the batteries are not harmful and also do not cause a huge threat to the environment.


Most hardware stores have these batteries and hence they are easily available. One doesn’t have to order them from outside or travel across the country to find them.


They are durable mostly because of their good voltage and low maintenance. This enables the batteries to last long and be bought by many people and companies in need of solar batteries.


In conclusion the above features are amongst many more of the 200ah batteries.200ah batteries are the one’s to go for if you ever find yourself in a situation battling over the type of batteries to buy for your solar power system. Source https://solarbatteries.co.ke