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Many football betting players are often interested in the number of balls that will hit the net in a match and based on that to bet on Over Under. However, not everyone understands How to play Sic Bo football  How to take advantage. In this article, Nhà cái Hi88 will introduce you to the information you need to know about the best way to play Big Sic in football.

What is Tai Sic?

Over – Under is an English term abbreviated as O/U. It refers to a type of bet where the dealer gives a number based on the outcome of the game and the player has to guess whether the actual result will be larger or smaller than that number. If the result is higher, the player who chooses Over wins; If the result is lower, the player who chooses Under wins.

Big Sic can be applied to many different types of games. Just compare the actual results with the odds and you can play Big Sic. For example, in sports betting, it is possible to bet Over Under on the total number of goals, the total number of hands, the total number of corners in football, the total number of matches in tennis, the total number of points in basketball, etc. So How to play Sic Bo football  What is that?

RulesOver and Under betting rules in football betting

To be able to apply the strategy in How to play Sic Bo football  In order to be effective, you need to master the basic rules of football betting odds, specifically as follows:

Betting Rules

  • Over: When the total number of goals exceeds the number set by the house in football betting.
  • Under: Is the total number of goals less than the number specified by the bookie in the football betting market.
  • Draw: When the total number of goals scored is equal to the number given by the bookie in the Over Under bet.

Law of timing

In How to play Sic Bo football , only goals scored in regular time of the match (90 minutes) and injury time will count towards the results. Goals in extra time or penalty shootouts will not affect Over Under. In addition, some bookies also allow players to bet on separate rounds or specific time periods in the match.

Tactics in how to play soccer

Law of making bets

Currently, the bookies often rely on the following criteria to build a football Over and Under contract:

  • Total number of goals scored by both teams in that match.
  • Total number of cards drawn for both teams.
  • Number of corners taken during the match.

The easiest way to play football Sic Bo

According to the Over Under betting rules, when playing, the player will predict the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match, regardless of who scores. Over/Under odds are decided by the house and the player will choose Over if he believes the match will have more goals than the odds, or Under if he believes the match will have fewer goals than the odds. If the total number of goals is equal to the odds, the player’s bet will be refunded.

An easy to understand example for How to play Sic Bo football  is in a match with Over Under odds of 2 left. The player chooses Over and that ball has 3 or more goals, then the bet wins. If the player chooses Under, wins if the match has less than 2 goals. If the match has exactly 2 goals, the player’s bet will be refunded.

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Secrets in how to beat soccer sump to stay undefeated

To win a lot of money from football betting, it is necessary to have the right strategy. So, what are the secrets to winning soccer bets that you can’t ignore and apply?

Tips on how to play soccer

Beat Tai

Beating Tai is one How to play Sic Bo football  always win many favorite players. Players will choose Over to bet from the beginning of the match and continue to monitor the Over and Under bets during the match. If the Over/Under bet drops, the player will still keep the Over to bet. This method usually applies to matches with the following characteristics:

  • The two teams have weak defenses and are easy to concede.
  • The weaker team meets the stronger team and there is a clear difference in strength.
  • The team has a strong attack and always attacks fiercely in every match.

Players should drop money at times like the 15th – 20th – 59th minutes of the match. Especially in European tournaments, this method is very effective. However, this method should not be used for tournaments of the English Premier League, European Cup of Nations. Because the teams in these tournaments often have equal strength and fair competition.

Stuffed Sizzling

The opposite of how to beat Tai is How to play Sic Bo football  stuffing, applicable to the following cases:

  • There is a team with a weak attack and a team with a strong defense.
  • Two teams have unbalanced forces when betting.
  • The two teams have few goals in the history of confrontation.
  • Both teams prioritize defense.

When participating in betting on prestigious international football tournaments such as Champions League, Premier League, or Laliga, this effective Under bet method can be applied.

Hi88 Bets has provided you with detailed information about how to play soccer as well as a few tips to bet unbeaten at reputable bookmakers. Hope you have gained more experience and knowledge to participate in this attractive bet.