FSSAI Registration Procedure

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The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS Act), which is a consolidated act relating to food safety and regulation in India, is the legal basis on which the FSSAI was founded. It makes certain that food products are subject to quality checks, hence reducing food adulteration and the sale of inferior products. It establishes the laws and guidelines for managing the food industry in India and is in charge of the registration and licencing of Food Business Operators (FBO) in that country.

The body that oversees and regulates the food industry in India is known by the initials FSSAI, which stand for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is a separate entity established by the Indian government’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

An FSSAI Registration/License is necessary for the company types listed below.

Small-scale stores and retail establishments, including bakeries, confectioneries, and snack shops.

Temporary stalls, permanent stalls, or food establishments engaged in the preparation, distribution, storage, and sale of food products, such as Gol Gappa stalls, chat stalls, fruit and vegetable vendors, tea stalls, snack stalls, bread pakoda stalls, samosa stalls, South Indian food stalls, Chinese food stalls, sweet stalls, juice shops, etc.

Who Must Register with FSSAI

  • Dairy businesses such as petty milkmen, milk vendors, and milk chilling businesses.
  • Units for processing vegetable oil. And Units for processing fish and meat.
  • All facilities that produce or process food and pack it again.
  • Food product wholesaler, supplier, distributor, and marketer.
  • Restaurants, hotels, and bars.
  • Cafeterias and canteens, particularly those for midday meals
  • Catering companies and food vending services.
  • Dhabas, PGs that provide food, banquet halls with food catering services, home-based canteens, and food stalls at fairs or religious institutions are all examples of places that serve food.

Application for New Gas Connection

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Documentation Needed to Get a New LPG Connection

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