Healthy Menu for Raksha Bandhan Celebration

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Any celebration brings different varieties of cuisines with it. And one such celebration is the Raksha Bandhan festival celebration! Raksha Bandhan falls under the category of “eat anything on this day”. People these days are putting lots of effort into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is difficult for most people to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they work tirelessly throughout the day in today’s scenario .

With their hectic schedules, people tend to ignore their eating habits and try to follow a strict diet after some time. Due to their strict diet, people tend to avoid lip-smacking dishes during festival celebrations. To keep this in mind, we have hand-picked some ideas that will help those strict diet followers enjoy the celebration without avoiding those tantalising cuisines .

An Appealing Cake!

No celebration is complete without a cake. Birthday cakes are not the only option we have; we can have Raksha Bandhan cakes also as the cake works as a show stopper. Yes, we can hear you say that cakes are unhealthy, but did you know that cakes have lots of health-related benefits? Cakes improve the digestive system as they are rich in fibre. Yes! Fruit cakes are perfect for those who do not want to have a cheat day on even a festival. Get your favourite fruit flavoured cake and it with your family.

Healthy Starters

Whenever we hear starter, we immediately think of oily, deep-fried kebabs, chicken wings, Aalu Tikki, french fries, potato wedges and many more dishes. But who says that these can only be deep-fried? You can put them in the oven with a little bit of olive oil brushed on the surface and baked, or they can also be air fried. Instead of regular potato chips, try switching to sweet potatoes or even banana chips. You can roast Paneer Tikka and some other kebabs as it is a healthier way of eating. This Raksha Bandhan, enjoy a healthy low-carb meal.

Main Course

Even though the vegetarian dishes made for the Raksha Bandhan celebration are nutritious enough, the addition of extra oil, ghee, and butter can throw the diet off the track. A few tweaks and changes can dramatically improve the nutritional quality while having no negative impact on taste. Using whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat, and whole multi-grain flour instead of refined flour can assist in keeping blood sugar in check. Reducing oil consumption and replacing it with healthy oils such as olive or avocado oil can mitigate unhealthy fats and enhance the healthy carbs and fats that the body demands. Enjoy those same cuisines but, do not add extra ghee, cream, butter, etc. Increase the number of green veggies in your diet for extra nourishment .

Unavoidable Dessert

We will not include cake in this section as they both are so important that they need different areas for themselves. But let’s face it, on Raksha Bandhan, we don’t save the sweets for the end of the day; we eat them all day. Substituting fresh or dried fruits for sugar in ladoos and barfi for healthy sweets is an excellent option. Stevia and jaggery are sugar substitutes that may be used to sweeten all of your favourite Mithai while also helping to keep your blood sugar levels in check. If you’re watching your calories, zero-calorie sweeteners are also an option. Try not to add refined sugar granules to your desserts. If eating healthy, we suggest you not order from outside and instead make the desserts at home.

Enjoy a healthy Raksha Bandhan meal with your family, and cherish those pleasurable moments for eternity. When it comes to Order cake online, they can be delivered online, also. Online portals are now providing cakes in just 60 minutes. You can have online cake delivery in Mumbai or wherever you are celebrating the Raksha Bandhan festival. Have a healthy and happy Raksha Bandhan!