Home Improvement Hacks Your Real Estate Agent Wants You To Know

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If you are a property owner looking to sell your home or you dream of flipping properties and experience great success with real estate investment, then this is the article for you. We’re going to explore home improvement hacks that every real estate agent genuinely wants you to know! Let’s get stuck in…

The value of curb appeal and quality photography cannot be overstated

When selling a property, or preparing a property to rent, you should consider investing in your home’s appearance. Ultimately, that’s what a prospect is going to be interested in and will help them make a decision within the first 8-seconds of entering your home (that’s right, people decide that quickly – sub-consciously at least).

So, what is curb appeal? In essence, curb appeal is the outward appearance of your home. What is the first impression that someone will get when looking at your property from the street, as they approach?

Some of the ways in which you can bolster the curb appeal is by cleaning the outside, giving the property a fresh lick of paint, tending to the front yard (if applicable), and planting some new shrubs. You should also make some minor repairs to make the property more appealing.

Following that, once you are satisfied with the outward appearance of your home, invest in either a quality camera and research some professional photography tips, or better yet, hire a professional photographer to assist you.

New lighting is effective and affordable

Investing in a quality lighting scheme with LED light bulbs can make the world of difference in a property. Particularly if you’re on a budget and cannot afford to make too many changes in your home, replacing and upgrading some light fixtures is a smart approach.

The kitchen is the most important room in the house

The majority of home owners are most interested in buying a new home / renting a property with a clean, spacious (or well-optimised), and stylish kitchen. If you are on a limited budget, we would recommend focusing more of that budget towards this critical room. Little things like painting cupboards, adding peel & stick backsplashes, and replacing faucets can be huge.

Energy-saving appliances and fixtures are a huge bonus

If you can sell your home as being a green home with energy-star ratings, then you’ll have much more success with it. Replace appliances with energy-efficient ones, upgrade lights to LEDs, consider installing solar panels, and anything else that can make the property eco-friendlier and thus more attractive to prospects.

Storage space for the win

People love smart storage – particularly in smaller properties. Whether it be multi-purpose furniture or adding shelving and clothes hooks to doors, these subtle additions can increase your home’s overall buyability.

Other handy things to consider

  • Add mirrors in smaller / darker spaces
  • Carry out thorough plumbing inspection and repairs
  • Clean gutters and outside space
  • Keep trees and shrubs a reasonable distance from the house
  • Caulk and poly-filler for quick repairs


If you are thinking about selling your property or putting it up for rent, we hope these tips have been helpful for you. Should you require further assistance or more advice, we recommending finding a reputable real estate agency like DDproperty.