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How Can a Google Shopping Ads Agency Help Businesses?

Google Shopping Ads

If you run an online store without using Google Shopping Ads, you are losing out on a significant chance to increase sales. To increase sales from your online business, use Google Shopping ads. Many e-commerce businesses have hired a Google Shopping Ads agency to increase their product sales.

You must have a strong e-commerce website running on a platform like Shopify, WordPress, Magento, or another one. To increase sales from PPC shopping advertisements, e-commerce owners should use Google shopping ads. Let’s learn more about Google shopping ads.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Shopping ads are product advertisements that include product images, a price, and a brief description. Shopping ads increase the number of interested visitors to a website since customers have a concept of the product before they click on the advertisement. This is another key factor in why shopping advertising generates more sales than other types of ads.

With advertising like Google Shopping that appears on the search network, you may increase both online and in-store sales. You can advertise the products listed on your shopping website with shopping advertisements.

No keywords are required for this campaign because Google uses information about your products to display ads to users when they conduct related searches.

Benefits of Using Google Shopping Ads

Using Google Shopping ads, businesses can benefit in many ways. For example-

●      Better Visibility

Google Shopping ads target most of the relevant information about your product and show it in the image searches section to increase visibility on the browser.  The visibility of your product on Google Search is improved through Google Shopping advertisements. For up to twenty ad spots, the ads are displayed first in the search results in a carousel. When compared to search ads, using Google Shopping ads increases the likelihood that your ads will be seen.

In comparison, there are just two search ad positions available for the advertiser in mobile search. Due to the inclusion of product photographs, Google Shopping advertisements are more aesthetically pleasing than standard search ads.

●      Increased Sales

Google shopping ads increase the ROI by increasing the chances of selling to customers. More interested customers will only click-through the image ads. E-commerce businesses can greatly benefit from Google shopping ads. Google Shopping Ads typically have higher click-through rates for products than Search Ads. A higher CTR reduces your overall ad costs and gives you the chance to get more traffic for the same amount of money.

Because Google Shopping advertisements target customers who are at the top of the sales funnel and are most likely prepared to buy your product, they have high click-through rates. Customers are already familiar with highly specialized search phrases like color, brand, or product type, and they may have already done some product research.

Your return on ad expenditure and your overall return on investments throughout your firm can both improve when you target the appropriate customers at the right time. A Google Shopping Ads agency can help you target the relevant audience.

●      Boosting SEO using Google Shopping

You must provide structured data for the products in order to properly create a product feed that is used for shopping advertising. These statistics will also aid in the natural positioning of your products on search engines.

The fresh keyword information acquired from the ads can be applied to upcoming products and to content marketing to increase your online store’s natural visibility.

It can be challenging to locate appropriate terms with the highest search volumes, but using advertisements can expedite the search and improve your SEO results. Utilize the information from your previous top-performing ads to raise your SEO click-through rates.

●      Easy Retail-centric Campaign Management 

Shopping ads display your advertisements in relevant searches by using the product features you established in your Merchant Center data feed rather than keywords. Create product groups for the things you wish to bid on after immediately browsing your product inventory in Google Ads.

●      Greater Exposure

For any given user search, more than one of your shopping advertisements may show up. If necessary, a shopping ad and a text ad may also show up simultaneously. This implies that your user’s reach for a single search could increase by double.

●      Competitive Data and Effective Reporting

View performance information for your items at any level of specificity you desire. You can, for example, simply filter your product view to see how many clicks a specific brand of shoes received. Utilize benchmarking data to get an understanding of your competitive environment. Using impression share statistics and other tools to locate growth prospects.

How does a Google Shopping Ads Agency work?

A Google shopping ads agency can improve your sales by working on the following-

●      Perform an Account Audit

The agency will first assess your current Google Shopping account and pinpoint areas for development. They will review all your Google Merchant account structure, current product groupings, and potential upgrades to your bidding strategy.

●      Review Product Data Feed

One of the most important elements in optimizing your Google Shopping campaigns is your product data stream. The agency team will evaluate potential changes that could be made to things like your:

  • Images
  • Titles & Description
  • Pricing
  • Reviews
  • Various product groups

●      Set Up Of Google Smart Shopping

An initiative called Google Smart Shopping makes use of Google’s machine learning to match your products with people who are more inclined to buy them. A Google Shopping ads agency frequently discovers that Smart Shopping will perform better than conventional Google Shopping advertising. Their team can assist you in setting up, managing, and monitoring the effectiveness of smart shopping initiatives to ascertain whether these are the right fit for your store.

●      Reporting on KPIs for e-commerce

An agency will not only assist you with setting up, implementing, and optimizing Google Shopping ads, but they’ll also evaluate the results and send your team regular monthly reports. You can track the advancement of your campaign, changes to your primary KPIs, and potential areas for campaign improvement with the help of our monthly reports.

●      Managing Shopping Campaigns

With the use of intelligent bidding, data-driven targeting, and persona-based modeling, their campaign management service aims to increase the ROI of your shopping campaigns and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

You will collaborate with a passionate group of Google e-commerce specialists who will interact frequently to analyze performance, share bid tactics, and discuss ways to make your campaigns more effective.

Why Are Google Shopping Ads Necessary?

The majority of internet searches, often on Google, lead to purchases in 81% of cases. So why not have your products prominently displayed at the top of the page when customers search for items similar to yours? Under the search box that the user just entered, Google Shopping Ads provides you with the opportunity to advertise your products with an image, title, price, store name, description, and more.

If you own a local business, you can attract in-store customers by putting your products in front of internet shoppers first.


Any e-commerce business with an online presence looking to boost sales should consider hiring a Google Shopping Ads agency. Your advertisements can reach a highly targeted demographic of people who are already looking for the products that you sell because of Google’s robust search engine and targeting features.

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