How can you enhance your experience of using PDF?

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People are using PDFs on a daily basis for their day-to-day purposes. Especially since the pandemic, usage of PDFs has been more prevalent among people of almost every age group. Whether it is a school-going kid or a working professional, PDFs are a part of our daily lives now.

But what made PDFs so prevalent among everyone? Well, easy accessibility and convenience to use PDFs is the major reason behind its popularity. Moreover, you can easily find advanced tools to edit PDFs and enhance your experience of using PDF. We are listing down some easy methods and tools that can assist you in using PDFs in a more efficient manner.

PDF conversion tools

While PDF is the best format for reading and sharing documents, it can be quite a hassle to convert PDF files in the format of your choice. On the basis of your purpose, your need to convert PDF files may vary. However, PDFs are not easy to convert, and you can end up wasting a significant amount of time and effort on results that are not up to your requirement.

But thanks to the advanced PDF tools that can assist you with PDF conversions with a simple click. Yes, you heard it right! You can now change PDF files to any of your desired formats with simple tools like a PDF to Word converter. All you need to do is upload your PDF file on the site or tool you have chosen, and you will get the desired results within a few seconds. And the best part about these tools is that they need not be downloaded, and you can easily use them online. To obtain a compress pdf without compromising the document’s quality, upload Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or picture files.

Tools for grammar assistance

For most of the students and workers, who are using PDFs on a regular basis for their assignments, reports, projects, and more, it can be quite a hassle to take care of the grammatical errors.

While reading and re-reading the long content can be time-consuming and frustrating, you are likely to still miss out on the minor mistakes. However, you can choose the tools that assist with grammar, and your target will be achieved more easily. All you need to do is install these tools, and your work shall be continuously screened by the tools, and you will get the appropriate suggestions for improving your work quality.

Editing tools

For some good reasons, PDFs do not allow edits. Trying to edit a PDF file can lead to a huge blunder. There are high chances that you have already tried editing a PDF file and failed to do so. However, this does not mean you have to rewrite the content if you need to make edits in a PDF. You can simply use popular PDF editing tools that are convenient to use and allow you to edit a PDF file as per your choice. You can use these PDF editor tools to save time and increase your productivity.


While PDFs are really convenient to share files and ensure their safety, it could be quite difficult to convert them and edit them; however, the right tools can help you. You can significantly increase your productivity with the right tools while using PDFs.