How Choose the Right Gas Scooter in 2022

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When buying a scooter you must take into account the miles you are going to drive each day. So if you’re going to drive a few miles, then you need a small engine. If you’re going to be doing a lot of miles a day, then you need a bigger engine. The first thing that differentiates a scooter from a motorcycle is the protection from cold and rain , thanks to a body that protects the legs and feet, both of the rider and the passenger. Often there is also a windshield, which if well studied protects a lot, without covering the view. Because a windshield in front of the eyes can become a real problem for visibility in certain conditions, especially at night, with rain. Another important feature of the scooter gas capacity. There is usually room, at least under the saddle.

And some models also have other storage compartments , Sometimes even a hook in front of the saddle , to anchor any bags. And a rear case , which alone can hold two full-face helmets, or a gym bag. Here is the main advantage of the scooter: it allows us to carry luggage, then, once we arrive, we can put away our motorcycle clothing and move around well dressed, as if we had traveled by car or subway.


If the question is “how to choose a gas scooter”, the answer depends on your riding habits, experience, needs and, of course, budget. Among the variety of the range on the market, you can always find reliable scooters that will suit your height, physique and wallet. And if you can deal with these issues on your own, then an expert opinion will help you understand whether to buy a used one or a new one, a “Chinese” or “Japanese”. Where to look for it? Owners of motorcycles will help to dispel many myths on various thematic forums, video blogs, as well as sellers in motorcycle dealerships, because they are guided in all the intricacies of the model range and will help you choose the right option, tell you which scooter is better and how to choose the right scooter.

Nevertheless, Chinese quality is known for the fact that it regularly reminds of itself in the form of emerging technical nuances that need to be addressed. On the one hand, this can be attributed to the minuses, but the availability of spare parts and the cheapness of repairs covers this wave of negativity. Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha are the most famous Japanese brands. Popular scooters from these manufacturers are in the same price range and offer similar top-selling models. For beginners, experts recommend choosing Honda, they are less demanding on maintenance, fuel and not the fastest scooters.

Whichever one you buy, as long as it’s not new, dangers can be found in any of them. First of all, pay attention to the year of issue. The lower the quality of the technique, the more important age is for it. After all, you don’t know how the previous owner looked after her. Problems can arise both with typical damage to the wheel, and in the condition of the engine, transmission. Even using the wrong oil or consumables can have disastrous consequences in the future.

Guarantee. Its absence testifies to the quality and at least some responsibility of the manufacturer for his product and not a desire to bear financial responsibility. A good warranty is a minimum of 12 months for all parts, but preferably 24 and more.

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Power is the first indicator to choose from. Most drivers tend to buy a fast and powerful horse, and these features are directly proportional to the size of the engine. However, remember, the more powerful, the heavier the unit will be.

Conventionally, they can be divided into:

  • mini scooters or with a volume up to 50 cc;
  • medium-sized – from 50 to 250 cubes;
  • maxi scooters with engines over 250 cc.


Factors to consider:

  • The size of the engine is determined by the goals and objectives that are set for motor vehicles. Compact at 50 cm3, they are a good choice for novice drivers, as they can successfully move both on city roads and on country roads, in the countryside. Medium and large 50 – 200 cm3 are suitable for experienced riders. It is worth choosing a maxi-scooter only if you are counting on long-distance trips. Their main advantage is a comfortable fit for both the driver and passenger and protection from the weather. In terms of power, they are not inferior to medium-sized motorcycles.
  • Speed ​​is a matter of personal preference. 100km and above is ideal if you are going to use it instead of a car (this is necessary so that you do not get out of the general flow on the track).
  • Wheels – the universal size is 17 inches.
  • For movement around the city, vehicles with a consumption of 1.5-2 liters per 100 km are suitable. For trips out of town – a scooter with a fuel tank of 9 liters.
  • Disc brake system for control of the braking process and reliability.
  • Seat Length: Ask yourself – will I ride alone or with a passenger? Double scooters , motorcycles, where two adults will feel comfortable, a godsend for couple trips around the city, hunting or fishing, an indispensable assistant in the country.
  • Feeling of comfort. Your feet should touch the ground without any tension so that you can maneuver in and out of the parking lot and stop easily.
  • Seat Height: Manufacturers offer a fairly wide range (700-800mm), so be sure to schedule a test drive before buying.
  • Brand. Buy tested models from well-established manufacturers.
  • Design. What do I prefer: style, fashion or functionality?

Which scooter is better 2t or 4t? The EU intends to reduce the amount of emissions into the atmosphere and on this basis, the Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards have been introduced. Most modern brands use a four-stroke internal combustion engine, and this has its advantages. They use less gasoline and oil, are virtually silent, give excellent traction at low speeds, and do not give off vibration. Two-stroke is cheaper and unpretentious in maintenance, their short duty cycle allows you to accelerate equipment faster.