How Secure is your Home?

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Those of us who are old enough, can remember the days when people didn’t lock their homes; simply put, there wasn’t really a need for it, as people lived in close-knit communities and bad apples were few and far between. Fast forward to the present and you see an immediate need for some form of security in the home and with many people losing their income, crime is on the rise.

If you are unsure about the effectiveness of your home security, here are a few tips.

  • Check your locks – If your locks have seen better days, talk to your local locksmith in Shellharbour about changing the locks; you could even have digital access control installed. Access can be gained via a keypad or you could use biometric solutions with fingerprint scanning, which means you no longer have to carry bulky keys around.
  • Perimeter surveillance – When a person approaches your property, what do they see? Do you have a decent entrance gate and fencing around the property? One of the most popular residential security systems is CCTV, which offers great deterrent value and this gives you complete coverage of the perimeters of your home. If you place the cameras in prominent locations, you are sending out the right message to thieves, as they all know that CCTV footage can be used as evidence in a court of law. Here are a few colour combinations to spice up the exterior of your home.
  • Review your habits – When you go out, do you walk around the house to check for open windows or unlocked doors? A simple thing like this could mean the difference between becoming a victim or not. You might only be gone for a few minutes, but that’s all the time a burglar needs; the typical 21st century house-breaker is opportunist and only needs a few minutes inside a property to find small, valuable items that fit in their pockets.
  • Open windows – This is the most common method for a burglar to enter a property and you would be surprised at how many people leave home with open downstairs windows. A single open window at the rear of the property is a definite temptation for any would-be intruder and if you adopt a routine that includes a tour of the house prior to leaving, this greatly reduces the chances of a break-in.
  • Electric gates – For the ultimate in home security, why not install a bespoke automated gate at the front of your property? There are many features that you can add, including CCTV, an intercom and, of course, at least two safety systems. Electric gates are safe if you have two separate systems that automatically shut off the motor when an object crosses the tracking.

If you would like a free home security evaluation, simply contact your local locksmith and ask him to pay you a visit; not only can he give you a professional assessment, he can also supply and install a wide range of home security systems and at very reasonable prices.