How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Mechanic

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All car owners have to avail the services of a mechanic one day or the other. And the reason is too obvious to call for a mention.

Often, cars develop defects that hinder their running. So, a mechanic becomes essential to fix the flaws.

Here comes a crucial consideration–you need to hire a good mechanic to handle repairs on your car.

Remember, there is a notable downside to hiring a lousy mechanic. In such a case, the can be the arousal of the likelihood of aggravating the defect. In such a case, you will need to hire another mechanic, wasting money.

Again, you might find a competent mechanic, but his attitude can be bad. For example, a mechanic who does not care about his job can lead to frustration. So, you should avoid hiring such a mechanic.

There can be many advantages to owning a car. But, it also creates the need for hiring a mechanic to fix defects when they occur.

Again, you can get good car repairing service from the right mechanic. But, the big question is–what to do to find a good mechanic?

Remember, finding a good mechanic is more than typing ‘mechanic near meon Google. So, let us look at some practical ways to find a good mechanic to repair your car.

Here we go:

Get Recommendations

Hiring a mechanic recommended by a friend or colleague can ensure the quality of the mechanic. It is because the mechanic did an excellent job for those people in the past.

Therefore, ask your friends, colleagues or family members to recommend a trustworthy mechanic. Such a mechanic is likely to do a good job for you. Also, hiring a recommended mechanic can benefit the referrer. It can also earn a discount to the person that made the recommendation.

However, there is a point to note while hiring a mechanic recommended by someone. Suppose, for example, your friend has recommended you to a mechanic, but he has an old-model car. In such a case, you might not get good repair services from the mechanic if your car is of a high-end model.

Go through Online Reviews

Online reviews can be another good way to find the right mechanic. But, you also have to be careful because the internet is full of bogus reviews these days.

Usually, people tend to vent out their anger by being abusive in their reviews. But unfortunately, these people are angry about the services they received.

Again, many car repair shops pay people to write good reviews for them.

So, you should be careful not to fall prey to fake reviews.

Search an Online Community

This method works, but you might tend to dismiss the idea at first. However, given the past occurrences, you can find a good mechanic through social media channels like Facebook pages, car forums, and online groups.

Searching through communities can help you get a reliable mechanic. There is no possibility of getting baffled while going through online reviews.

Search for a Specialist

Try to search for a specialist if your car has parts that are difficult to find. In Australia, many specialist car mechanics focus on specific areas. In addition, you can contact car repair shops that specialize in your car’s brand. And the good thing is that mechanics in such shops are likely to spot the problems. So they can fix the defect faster.

You should type ‘car service near me‘ on Google to find a car repair shop.


You cannot escape hiring a mechanic if you own a car. But, you should ensure that the mechanic you hire is the right one and a good fit for your job. Therefore, assess your prospective mechanic before hiring.