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Whether you choose to have handles on your kitchen cabinets is a personal choice. A handleless cabinet does not have handles, but it does have a rail on the front, typically at the top. This rail allows you to pull open the cabinet with just a touch of your finger. Then, you simply press a small button on the front of the cabinet to close it.

Handles are not necessary for all cabinets, however. You can buy hardware to go with your cabinets separately. This allows you to create a specialized look while still enjoying the functionality of a handleless cabinet. Some manufacturers sell accessories that go well with handleless kitchen cabinets, such as pullout garbage options.

If you have small children, handles are particularly important. Without handles, children will be able to open cabinets and drawers, making them a dangerous place for them. Handles also prevent them from bumping into sharp corners and making a mess. Whether you choose to have handles or no handles on your cabinets, make sure you love them.

Another important feature of handleless cabinets is that they are more difficult to clean. The recess inside the cabinet door will catch crumbs, making it more difficult to wipe clean. The high-gloss finish can also make fingerprints more visible. A handleless design is also more expensive, so keep this in mind when planning your kitchen.