How To Download Instagram Reels From Drafts Without Posting Them

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Instagram reels have everyone hooked to themselves. We all tend to lose track of time while scrolling through Instagram reels. The amazing content on reels is worth watching. While we love watching reels, we also love drafting new reels. making new reels on trendy audios is so common these days. but not all reels that we make are meant to be posted immediately. We tend to save some reels in drafts for later use or editing offline. but Instagram does not provide you with the option of downloading reels without posting them. but do you want to download your Instagram Reels without posting it? In this article, we’ll discuss the simple steps to download Instagram Reels from your drafts without having to post it.

Downloading Instagram reels from drafts

Step 1: Open your Instagram account on your mobile phone. Tap on the camera icon located at the top left of your Instagram feed.

Step 2: Select the Reels option from the camera screen. It is the second icon from the left.

Step 3: You will find all your recent drafts at the bottom of the Reels tab. Select the draft that you want to download.

Step 4: Now tap on the share button, now instead of sharing this on the reel, choose stories option.

Step 5:  Now share this on your Instagram story with close friends. make sure your close friends list has only 1 or 2 people so even if they view it only 2 people.

Step 6: Once shared on stories, tap on the story and choose the save option. the story will be saved to your gallery instantly.

Step 7: Now open the story again choose the delete option to delete the story. This way you can save any reels from drafts to your gallery instantly.

Downloading Instagram reels with music

At times we wish to save our Instagram reel or a reel from someone else’s profile as well. but we do not have any option to do this. but with technological advances we can do this easily. using AI tools you can easily download any Instagram reel with original music. Insta Zoom is a powerful AI tool to help you download unlimited Instagram reels for free onto your device. The app works without registration and has an easy to use interface. to download Instagram reels with music simply open Instazoom Instagram reel downloader on your device on Google and follow these steps.

step 1: open Instagram and open the reel you want to download. now tap on the three dots and choose the “copy link” option.

step 2: now open Instagram reel downloader and in the bar given paste this link.

step 3: now tap the download button. The Instagram reel downloader will instantly fetch the reel using AI.

step 4: to download this reel simply tap on the download button given over the reel. The reel will be saved to your gallery with original audio and in HD quality instantly.