How To Know How Old Is My Phone

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How old is my phone? That is the question many users ask. Here we will clear up all things about it. When trying to determine how old your phone is, there are a few different ways you can go about doing this. In this blog post, we will go over a few of the most popular methods for finding out the age of your phone.

If you have a smartphone, you know how important it is to keep it in good condition and ensure it works well. The problem is that phones get old and only last for a while. Therefore, you need to know how old your phone is so that you can replace it before something goes wrong! Fortunately, there are several ways you can find out how old your device is.

Check with the factory model number on huawei phones.

You can check how old your phone is by the factory model number. The serial number is listed on the back of your phone, usually in large letters. You can also find it in Settings, under General > About phone and then status.

Find the serial number of your phone.

You can get the serial number message on your phone when you dial *#06#. This is a code you can use to get your phone’s serial number, which works with any phone. When you dial this code from your phone, you will get an IMEI number on your phone screen. With this IMEI number, you will know how old your phone is. The IMEI number is long, so you cannot memorize it, so you should save it somewhere. Here is the guide on how these IMEI numbers work.

  • The seventh and sixth digits of the IMEI number will tell you about the mobile phone device manufacturer year, like 22 means 2022.
  • The eighth number will represent the month, and the ninth will represent the day. For example, 330 means this phone came out May 30th.

To find the serial number of your phone, go to Settings. Then scroll down and tap on About. Here you’ll see a list of all your apps and their installed versions. If you have an old version, choose it from this list and scroll to the bottom of this page, where it should say “Serial Number.”

Knowing your phone’s age is helpful for planning and budgeting. You can check the age of your phone by using the SN Code, which is found on the back of most smartphones. The code tells you how many years have passed since its release date, so if you see an entry of 9990XX (for example), then it means that this model was released in 2010 and should be replaced within five years.

You can also use this information to determine when to replace your phone. For example, if you’re starting with cell phones, buying a new one every two years makes sense. That way, you’ll always have something that works well enough for most people’s needs!


This article will help you determine when to replace your phone. We hope we guided you well on finding your mobile age. If you need help finding the model number, check out our blog post on how to find your phone’s serial number.